WATCH: Fox News Admits They Were Lying About Joe Biden Limiting Ground Beef Consumption

Fox News has always been quite loose with the truth. This weekend, though, they told a number of outright lies about the things that are in Joe Biden‘s infrastructure plan.

The anchors from the network repeatedly told viewers that the president wanted to limit Americans to one serving of ground beef a month. The story quickly went viral in Conservative social media circles.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott helped push the lie. On Saturday he tweeted a screenshot about the “restrictions” and wrote, “Not gonna happen in Texas!”

On Monday, Fox host John Roberts admitted that Biden wasn’t trying to restrict meat consumption at all. He told viewers:

“On Friday, we told you about a study from the University of Michigan to give perspective on President Biden’s ambitious climate change goals. That research, from 2020, found that cutting back how much red meat people eat would have a drastic impact on harmful greenhouse gas emissions. The data was accurate but a graphic and script incorrectly implied that it was part of Biden’s plan for dealing with climate change. That is not the case.”

It is very rare that Fox News will admit to its mistakes. The network regularly enables lies from Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson. This lie, however, turned out to be so egregious that something needed to be said.

Watch a video of the apology below:

Fox gently acknowledges that its coverage about Biden supposedly trying to force Americans to eat less red meat wasn't accurate: "A graphic and a script incorrectly implied that it was part of Biden's plan for dealing with climate change. That is not the case." read more

WATCH: Fox’s Roberts Says Even if Trump Is Losing, It Seems Like He’s Winning

There are people on Fox News that are seen as hyper-partisan. Among them, Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Jeanine Pirro, Laura Ingraham. Then there are the more straight news reporters like Chris Wallace, Martha McCallum and Bret Baier.

For most of his career, John Roberts has been seen as one of those more straight news, down the line reporters. But he has not exactly seemed to be non-partisan in the last week. This continued on Friday when he said that even if Trump is losing, it seems like he’s winning.

During a spot with Chris Wallace today, Roberts claimed, “I imagine the first questions would be about where he is in terms of if he is going to continue to fight this battle to try to unearth new votes that could turn around the current vote count or if he will concede. The president does seem though in a way, Chris, to be winning, even as he is losing in the current vote count because for his diehard fans, he is trying to make the case that he didn’t really lose the election, that it was taken from him. “

This is the second time Roberts has faced controversy over a report this week. Earlier this week, he said on air, “The anger out there in these red states is so deep and palpabale that GOP legislators may have a difficult time seating Biden electors.”

"The anger out there in these red states is so deep and palpabale that GOP legislators may have a difficult time seating Biden electors,” Fox News’ John Roberts casually says on air read more

“She Never Called Biden Racist” Watch Fox News Fact Check Trump Statement on Kamala Harris

While there were many candidates to become Joe Biden’s running mate, Kamala Harris was long seen as a front-runner. The Trump campaign had plenty of time to come up with a well-thought out statement about the pick.

Believe it or not, that’s not what happened. Following the announcement of the selection, the campaign released a Trumpian missive through adviser Katrina Pierson.

The statement painted Harris as a “phony” and declared, “Not long ago, Kamala Harris called Joe Biden a racist and asked for an apology she never recieved.”

While talking about the selection on Fox News Tuesday night, host Neil Cavuto and reporter John Roberts corrected the statement.

Roberts told the host, “As a former prosecutor, if anything, Kamala Harris was getting heat from many African-Americans of the party and others because she was a little too tough on crime and that sort of thing.”

Cavuto then jumped in to note, “By the way, the quick clarification I want to get — the president seems to be saying that Kamala Harris had called Joe Biden a racist. She never did.”

Protecting Trump, Roberts continued:

“No. And again it wasn’t the president who issued this statement it was Katrina Pearson who issued the statement on behalf of the president and the president’s campaign. But clearly, in that confrontation in the debate, it was an uncomfortable moment. She did demand an apology. Whether she said the word racist or not, the intonation was there.”

Watch a video of the segment below, courtesy of Fox News:

Trump's campaign released a statement claiming that Kamala called Biden "a racist." Cavuto points out that didn't happen, to which Roberts responds "whether she said the word racist or not, the intimation was there."

(She literally said 'I do not believe you are a racist') read more

Mike Pence: Chief Justice John Roberts Is a “Disappointment to Conservatives”

Mike Pence has offered rare public criticism of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. The Vice President said John Roberts has been disappointing for conservatives.

Pence spoke to the Christian Broadcast Network about recent Supreme Court cases on issues like abortion, the Affordable Care Act and Transgender rights.

Look, we have great respect for the institution of the Supreme Court of the United States, but Chief Justice John Roberts has been a disappointment to conservatives,” Pence said.

I think several cases out of the Supreme Court are a reminder of just how important this election is for the future of the Supreme Court.”

Watch the video:

EXCLUSIVE: Vice President Mike Pence calls out Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts by name. He says, "Chief Justice Roberts has been a disappointment to conservatives." Watch from my interview with @VP in Florida today. Full report on @700club Thursday + clips on @CBNNews read more

John Roberts Rebukes Schumer For Bogus “Threatening Statements” Against Gorsuch, Kavanaugh

Chief Justice John Roberts has rebuked Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) for “threatening statements” against two conservative justices.

“Justices know that criticism comes with the territory, but threatening statements of this sort from the highest levels of government are not only inappropriate, they are dangerous,” Roberts said, adding that the justices “will continue to do their job, without fear or favor, from whatever quarter.”

Roberts’s comments came after Schumer, standing outside the Supreme Court, said Associate Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh would “pay the price” if they fail to uphold abortion rights as the judiciary takes up June Medical Services v. Russo, which considers the constitutionality of a law requiring doctors to possess admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 minutes of their abortion clinics.

“I want to tell you, Gorsuch. I want to tell you, Kavanaugh. You have released the whirlwind, and you will pay the price,” Schumer said to a crowd of abortion-rights advocates. “You won’t know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions.”

Schumer was soon criticized by Congressional conservatives, including Senators Susan Collins (R-Maine) and Steve Scalise (R-La.).

🚨 UNHINGED → Schumer threatened conservative justices Kavanaugh & Gorsuch on the steps of the Supreme Court:

"You have released the whirlwind & you will pay the price. You won't know what hit you."

Enough. This rhetoric has dangerous consequences. Where's the media outrage? read more

Chief Justice Roberts Ignored Kavanaugh Perjury Complaints

Chief Justice John Roberts received more than a dozen judicial misconduct complaints in recent weeks against Brett M. Kavanaugh, who was confirmed as a Supreme Court justice Saturday, but did nothing about them. According to the Washington Post, he “has chosen for the time being not to refer them to a judicial panel for investigation.”

Judge Karen LeCraft Henderson on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit (where Kavanaugh also serves as a judge) sent to Roberts a series of perjury complaints the court had received about Kavanaugh. The complaints began to coming in to the court about three weeks ago.

Henderson decided that the complaints were substantive enough that they should be sent to the Chief Justice and not to Kavanaugh’s fellow judges in the D.C. Circuit.

In a statement Saturday, Henderson said the complaints involved testimony given by Kavanaugh during his Senate confirmation hearings. She wrote:

“Under the law any person may file a misconduct complaint in the circuit in which the federal judge sits. The complaints do not pertain to any conduct in which Judge Kavanaugh engaged as a judge. The complaints seek investigations only of the public statements he has made as a nominee to the Supreme Court of the United States.” read more