GOP Senator Says She Was Raped and Her Husband Abused Her

Senator Joni Ernst (R, Iowa) has disclosed that she was raped in college by someone she knew and that her ex-husband physically abused her. These revelations by the first-term senator make her the highest ranking woman in her party to allege sexual assault in the years since the #MeToo movement began. read more

Sen. Joni Ernest Is Reeling As She Gets Called Out For Getting Millions Of Dollars In Help From The NRA

Sen. Joni Ernest had to lie to an Iowa crowd about getting millions of dollars in support from the NRA as the gun lobby is growing toxic in the heartland.

Joni Ernst Stabs Iowa Farmers In The Back On Trump’s Trade War

Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) stabbed her Iowa farming constituents in the back as she cheered Trump's trade war as farmers in her state face devastation.

Republican Senator Admits During A Town Hall That Obamacare Repeal Is Near Death

At a town hall in Iowa, Republican Sen. Joni Ernst admitted that it is unlikely that the Senate will vote on the Republican Graham-Cassidy healthcare bill.

Republican Senators Are Openly Defying Trump On Transgender Military Ban

Trump's announcement of a transgender military ban has gone over like a lead balloon among his fellow Republicans who are opening breaking with their president on the policy.

Honeymoon Over: Even Republicans Think Trump Should Spend Less Time at Mar-a-Lago

"I do wish he would spend more time in Washington, D.C. That's what we have the White House for," says Jon Ernst

Republicans Flee Trump as Joni Ernst Admits the President Has a Number of Flaws

Republican Sen. Joni Ernst was confronted with her support for a president who treats women and disabled people badly, and she responded, "I think that we have a President that has a number of flaws."

Town Halls Show Participatory Democracy Best Hope of Saving Obamacare and Country

The recent uprisings at Republican town halls are demonstrating the power of the people to withstand and turn back the assault on democracy

Hog Farmer GOP Sen. Joni Ernest Castrated With Chants Of “Your Last Term” At Public Event

Sen. Joni Ernest had one public event today in Maquoketa, Iowa, and the Senator who as a candidate bragged of being cutting farmer and castrating Washington by cutting pork faced a political neutering by an anti-Trump crowd that chanted "your last term," as she entered the event.

Trump Is So Terrified Of Hillary Clinton That He Just Attacked Her For Being A Woman

During his speech at Joni Ernst’s Roast and Ride Event in Iowa, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said of Hillary Clinton, "She doesn't even look presidential to me. She certainly doesn't."

Nobody Wants To Be Trump’s VP As Bob Corker and Joni Ernst Withdraw From Veepstakes

Sens. Bob Corker (R-TN) and Joni Ernst (R-IA) are the latest Republicans to announce that they have no interest in being Donald Trump's running mate. It seems that nobody with a political future has any interest in being Trump's VP.

Sarah Palin Knows How to Beat Hillary – Accuse Her of a Bunch of Stuff!

"You know, reverse them. It is they who point a finger who don't realize they have triple that number of fingers pointing right back at them"

Another Republican Failure: Joni Ernst Crashes and Burns During Bread Bag Infused SOTU Rebuttal

joni ernst bread bags sotu rebuttal

Republicans failed again to deliver a State Of The Union response that didn't look crazy as robotic pseudo-hostage sounding Sen. Joni Ernst demonstrated a bizarre obsession with bread bags.

CNN Suddenly Seems to Notice Republican Reliance on Religious Right

CNN is reporting that the GOP moves early to court conservative Christians. We are told that, “The first votes of the 2016 campaign won’t be cast for another year but there’s already a race well underway: The Christian primary.” read more

The Koch Brothers Fund Religious Groups That Are Eliminating Women’s Rights

To accomplish their goal of controlling the government, the Koch brothers have had to climb in bed with fundamentalist Christians intent on using the government to control and subvert women's rights.

Now that the GOP Has Won, Don’t Expect the Crazy to End

David Brooks admits GOP crazy but says "serious parties eventually pull back from the fever swamps. That's what's happened to the Republican Party."

Midterm Madness – Meet the Latest Republican Crazies to Hold Office

Gordon Klingenschmitt brings his demonic obsessions to the Colorado State Senate and Michael Peroutka his neo-Confederate secessionism to Anne Arundel County, Maryland

The Likes of Mitch McConnell and Joni Ernst Leave America a Bleaker Place This Morning

We are the victims of voter suppression and intimidation. Our votes were overridden with dark money and corporate-funded propaganda

Record Early Voter Turnout In Iowa Could Mean Good News For Democrat Bruce Braley

The Iowa Secretary of State reported that they had received over 455,000 absentee ballots for this election through Monday. That represents the strongest early voter turnout in a midterm election in Iowa history. A recent poll shows Braley leads by 20 points among early voters.

Joni Ernst Goes all Palin, Calls Obama an Apathetic Dictator

Whoa there...wait a minute. He is a dictator AND he is apathetic? How can he be both? He's running amok AND not doing anything?