Ted Cruz’s “Net Neutrality Is Obamacare For The Internet” Tweet Shows He Understands Neither

On Monday morning, President Obama made a public statement urging the FCC to take strong measures to protect net neutrality.To the surprise of nobody, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) had an opinion on net neutrality once the President made his statement.

Republican Hypocrites Can’t Hide From the Hypocrisy Behind Their Duck Dynasty Outrage

For Americans with half-a-brain, the conservative hypocrisy is as glaring as the subjects conservatives are certain their older, whiter, and religiously-inclined voters embrace.

Rather Than Turning the Other Cheek, Robertson Fans Want to Slap us for Christmas

But I say to you, do not resist an evil-doer. But If anyone strikes you on the right cheek, turn the other also. – Jesus of Nazareth, quoted in Matthew 5:39 (NRSV)

The Religious Right’s reaction to Phil Robertson’s suspension is not only what Jesus expected out of his followers, but it has got me thinking once again about the politics of certainty.

I was reading this morning an article in The Atlantic, Our God-Given Constitutional Right to a Television Show detailing the “heart warming collection of affectionate and supportive notes sent by loving Christians” to writer Josh Barro “to save him from his sinful and murderous ways.” Josh Barro had the temerity to pen an article for Business Insider critical of Phil Robertson. read more

Was It the Day Mitt Romney Lost the Election? Round Up of Reaction to 47% Mittmockle

Was it the day Romney lost the election? That's one of the reactions to Mitt Romney's 47 percent secret video.