Joy Behar

WATCH: Meghan McCain Says Pelosi Should Have Been Willing to Play Ball With McCarthy After He Tried to Sabotage 1/6 Panel by Placing Banks, Jordan on It

At nearly every turn, Republicans have resisted any attempts to look into the events of January 6th. Things got closer…

4 months ago

WATCH: The View Panel Talks About How Trump’s Disheveled Appearance This Weekend Made him “Look Crazy”

Donald Trump gave one of his highest profile speeches since leaving the White House over the weekend. There wasn't much…

6 months ago

WATCH: Meghan McCain Claims Republicans Aren’t Defending Matt Gaetz, Gets in Tiff With Joy Behar

If the last 5 years showed us anything, it is that Republicans are willing to defend basically any action. How…

6 months ago

Meghan McCain: To Conservatives, the Media is the Enemy and Here to Make you Look Bad

Meghan McCain's role on The View is not exactly a simple one. She is tasked with giving a Conservative take…

1 year ago

Bernie Sanders Brings Liberalism To The Mainstream And Drops A Truth Bomb On The View

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) shook up network morning television by exposing the truth about the Republican Party…

6 years ago

Ken Cuccinelli Reaches National Joke Status Thanks To The View

Whoopie Goldberg mainstreamed mocking Ken Cuccinelli over his extreme Republican values. She also vowed to keep him out of the…

8 years ago

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