He’s Doing Everything to Make Sure He’s Ok: Julian Castro Blasts Greg Abbott For Using COVID Medicine Not Available To All Texans

Greg Abbott has instituted plenty of policies that make it harder for Texans to stay safe from COVID. As a result, the state is currently seeing yet another surge of the deadly disease.

Abbott, though, has made it very easy for himself to stay safe from COVID. The Texas governor has not only been vaccinated against the disease, he’s even received a 3rd booster shot. And in announcing that he had COVID, Abbott announced that he will be treated the the expensive drug Regeneron. read more

WATCH: Joy Reid Blasts Joe Manchin For Thinking He’s In Control of the Snate

January’s Georgia run-off represented a major moment for the Democratic party. The wins of Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock gave the party control of the White House, Senate and House.

An elated Joe Biden was ready to make good on a number of his biggest promises. But as he has attempted to do so, there has been some push-back from people within his own party. And the biggest obstacle has been Joe Manchin. MSNBC’s Joy Reid took the West Virginia senator to task during a Monday interview with Pete Buttigieg. read more

Michael Steele Mocks Donald Trump For Raising More Money Now Then During Campaign Season

Trump RNC GOP Barr Slavery

Donald frequently bragged about how much money his campaign was raising during election season. The truth was, however, that he was being crushed by Joe Biden and the Democratic machine.

And now that the election is over, Trump hasn’t stopped trying to raise funds. This time, he is asking for money to fund legal fights in an effort to overturn the results. The fine print, though, actually states that much of the money is going towards repaying the president’s campaign debt.

Michael Steele knows quite a bit about raising money for political purposes. He had, at one time, served as the Chairman of the Republican National Committee. He has changed his tune since then and now is a member of the Lincoln Project.

And Steele also serves as a pundit for MSNBC. On Wednesday night, host Joy Reid remarked, “Donald Trump is just openly using the White House as the backdrop for his infomercial. But he’s always doing the same thing, right? You know, I interviewed people when I wrote the recent book I wrote about Trump, and they said they didn’t think he was going to win. They thought it would be great marketing for his hotels to run for president.”

Steele responded:

“The great little dirty party of this is Donald Trump right now, Joy is raising money at a faster rate, to sort, of steal the election than he did when he was trying to win the election. And that’s what people need to understand. He’s raising more money now than he did when he was actually running for the job that he’s now trying to say that they stole from him! So, look, the grift is on, baby.” read more

Opinion: Trump’s Lies about Healthcare Workers Profiting Off Of COVID Deaths Exemplify His Assault On Workers

Trump Insults Auto workers at Ford factory

While reports from Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan Chase, and Moody’s all link a Biden presidency to a healthier economy and more powerful recovery, Donald Trump continues to peddle lies that the economy will collapse under Biden, stoking fears that people’s 401Ks will evaporate.  He persists in these lies despite inheriting an economic recovery from Biden and President Barack Obama that featured record-setting consecutive monthly job growth.  read more

MSNBC Guest: Feds ‘Will Be Waiting With Cuffs’ As Trump Leaves Office

AM Joy Reid and Elie Mystal

Appearing on the MSNBC show AM Joy, legal analyst and Above the Law editor Elie Mystal said that Donald Trump is desperate to win re-election in 2020 because if he doesn’t, he will likely be arrested immediately by prosecutors representing the Southern District of New York (SDNY).

Speaking with host Joy Reid, Mystal gave a highly passionate and colorful description of what the future probably holds for our criminal and illegitimate president, who currently finds himself under siege from every direction.

“I hope it is not lost on people is that the Trump Organization, which appears to be a massive criminal front, is so small potatoes that if Trump hadn’t run for president, SDNY wouldn’t care,” Mystal opined, then he added:

“SDNY cares about stopping terrorism.”

“Putting SDNY on the Trump investigation is like bringing in Sherlock Holmes to figure out who framed Roger Rabbit.” read more

David Frum Sardonically Tells Trump To Take Bannon’s ‘Legal’ Advice

Last night, Robert Costa, from the Washington Post reports that Steve Bannon is “pitching a plan to West Wing aides and congressional allies” in an apparent attempt to “cripple the federal investigation, into the matter of  Russian interference.”

The reader will recall that Steve Bannon fell out of Mr. Trump’s graces over his comments in the recent bestseller, Fire And Fury; Inside The White House, and was in fact, fired despite Bannon’s claim that he resigned according to several sources.

According to Costa, the far-fetched plan demonstrates the legal desperation of Mr. Trump’s base. Said Mr. Costa:

“Nonetheless, Bannon’s efforts signify the growing pressure from an influential wing of Trump’s political base to thwart Mueller, who, many Trump allies believe, presents an existential legal and political threat to his presidency.” read more