Pamela Geller Really, Really Hates Islam, Obama, and the UN

Even when compared to 2012's other conservative ranters and spewers, a sour-faced lot if there ever was one, Muslim-baiter Pamela Geller stands out.

Glenn Beck’s Philosophical Belch – Agenda 21

Glenn Beck takes the new Egyptian Constitution as an opportunity to push his UN conspiracy and to predict a US dictator within 5 years

Fox News Has a Holiday Wish List but Governor Chafee Can’t Have a Holiday Tree

“All I want for Christmas is to kill it,” seems to be the song conservatives think liberals sing each and every holiday season. Fox News has made a lucrative living pushing a nonexistent war on Christmas, seizing on every example of religious pluralism in this country  – that is, the right of people to believe whatever they wish, including nothing at all – and making it seem anti-Christian. read more

Obama’s Support for Israel’s Iron Dome Gives GOP Fits of Cognitive Dissonance

Facts crash into belief where Israel's Iron Dome missile defense system is concerned. How could Obama have paid for it when he hates Israel?

America is a Christian Nation. If We Don’t Like it, We Should Get Out

Another one of the 24 percent tells the 76 percent to get out because America is THEIR country: white and Evangelical

How the Pax Americana is to Blame for Israel’s Attacks on Gaza

Israel could not have attacked Gaza without the tacit consent of the American government, which persists in seeing Israel as the victim

Mourdock Loses Ground in Senate Race But GOP Party of Rape Not Even Close to Getting It

The GOP is headed into Election Day as the Party of Rape, a group of white fratboys who never grew up

In Foreign Policy Romney Needs to be More than Not-Obama

Mitt Romney is campaigning as not-Obama and in this case at least, he is being entirely honest: he is not Obama

If a Straight Man Can Resist Polygamy a Gay Man Can Resist Other Men?

Fundamentalists are forever looking for a working equation to make same-sex attraction unnatural but the only thing unnatural is their logic

Biblically Clueless Joseph Farah Attacks the Left’s Biblical Literacy

Joseph Farah just can't wrap his mind around a Christianity that includes its Christ, and attacks Jim Wallis for getting Jesus right

Pamela Geller’s New Ad Campaign Calls Muslims Savages

Pamela Geller disengenuously claims she does not hate all Arabs and Muslims despite paraphrasing an Ayn Rand quote which does exactly that

The Warped and Twisted America of Fundamentalist Christianity

Fake Jew Says Obama Victory Would be God’s Judgment on America

The fundamentalists got themselves covered now, so don't even try to argue: if Obama wins, it's God's will. If Romney wins, it's God's will.

Florida Family Council-Only Christianity Could Create or Save America

John Stemberger tosses facts aside to claim that only Christianity could create the American experience and only Christianity can save it

Bryan Fischer Says Jesus Had Capitalism in His DNA

Fischer strikes out monumentally when he claims Jesus was a capitalist's capitalist with capitalism in his DNA: read the Gospels, Bryan!

Fundamentalist Christianity Is a Collection of Justifications for Hate

Christian Fundamentalism represents less a coherent religion than a collection of excuses and justifications for bigotry and hatred

Bryan Fischer Says Sikh Temple Shooter a Liberal Because He’s a Nazi

Fischer claims the the neo-Nazi Sikh temple shooter was a liberal because he was a Nazi but a glance at the rhetoric tells a different story

Demythologizing Christianity’s Most Cherished Moment: Nero and the Christians, Part Two

It can't be proven that Nero persecuted Christians because while Rome had a large Jewish population, there is no evidence for a multitude of Christians to be persecuted.

Pastor Who Wants to Kill Gays Should Read his Gay Friendly Bible First

Yet another Evangelical hater wants to kill gays like the Pilgrims did but he might want to stop and read his gay friendly Bible first

Obama and Radical Islam: The Ultimate Obama Hater’s Conference

If you have very low expectations and care nothing for facts and hate Obama, Cliff Kincaid of America's Survival, Inc. has something for you