Mueller May Be Close to Indicting Roger Stone for WikiLeaks Contacts

Yesterday the Wall Street Journal published a long article summarizing Robert Mueller’s investigation into Roger Stone and other conservative activists who have been closely associated with Stone through the years. The focus seems to be their interactions with WikiLeaks and its founder Julian Assange. read more

The Arrest Of Julian Assange Would Be Trump’s Biggest Move Yet To Avoid Impeachment

The arrest of Julian Assange would be Trump's biggest move yet to distance himself from the Russia scandal and avoid impeachment.

Rachel Maddow Says Helping Trump Become POTUS Was Only The Beginning Of Russia’s Operation

Rachel Maddow Russia

Maddow says there is growing evidence that Moscow's work didn't end on Nov. 8, 2016 – that was only the opening act.

Trump Still Won’t Admit Russia Carried Out Election Hack In Latest Twitter Tantrum

Donald Trump mad

As more information comes out, Trump is becoming increasingly alone in his politically suicidal mission to defend Russia instead of the U.S.

Trump Trusts Russian Operative Assange but Not America’s Intelligence Community

In the continuing saga surrounding the overarching question of whether or not Donald J. Trump is really an American, or a Russian operative, it is getting a little clearer that defector Donald is intricately aligned with Russia and its interests; he has shown absolutely no allegiance to America, its people, or its security interests.

Paul Ryan Calls Trump Hero Julian Assange a ‘Sycophant for Russia’

Paul Ryan disagrees with Trump's endorsement of Julian Assange, saying “He leaks, he steals data and compromises national security.”

Deranged Trump Claims Real Problem Not Russian Hacking But Giving Debate Q to Hillary

"Why have they [the DNC] not responded to the terrible things they did and said (like giving the questions to the debate to H)"

KKK Legend David Duke Thanks A Foreigner For Helping Put a Racist in the White House

Racist David Duke reacted jubilantly to the electoral victory of Donald Trump and thanked foreign criminal Julian Assange for his assistance.

The Reality Challenged Libertarian Loving Far Left Looks to Sabotage Democrats in 2014

It is the anti-Obama agenda that unites the far left with their Libertarian friends and they cannot see the inherent danger in aligning with Rand Paul because he is united with their faux heroes.

Assange Truthers and The Death of Progressive Compassion

Even though women lean towards the Democrats more than any other party, a small minority of the left has become embroiled in a conspiracy theory regarding the accusation of sexual assault against Julian Assange. This radical group has sought to trample decades of Democratic Party advocacy on behalf of women by smearing the two possible victims of Assange. These Assange Truthers believe that the women are not victims but part of an international plot to bring Assange down.

Why Progressives are Wrong About Julian Assange

Anyone accused of a crime is innocent until proven guilty but right now I would no more trust a jury of progressives to look dispassionately at the case than I would a jury of conservatives.

Joe Biden Falsely Labels Julian Assange a High Tech Terrorist

Vice President Joe Biden was on NBC's Meet The Press today, where he gave his own opinion on Julian Assange and Wikileaks. Biden said of Wikileaks, "I would argue that it's closer to being a high tech terrorist than, than the Pentagon Papers."

The DDoS Attack That Wasn’t: Sarah Palin’s Operation Payback Lie

In an attempt to show her dashing ability to thwart off DDOS attacks, Sarah Palin told ABC news she had been the victim of a DDoS attack from Operation Payback but that she had been prepared for the “backlash” and hence warded it off. All of the above turned out to be... untrue.

Freedom Attacked: Mitch McConnell Labels Julian Assange A Terrorist

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell was on Meet The Press today where he managed to take the rhetoric on Wikileaks and Julian Assanage to whole new level, by labeling Assange a terrorist. McConnell said, "I think the man is a high-tech terrorist. He's done an enormous damage to our country."

Wikileaks and The Extreme Hypocrisy of Sarah Palin

The release of documents by Wikileaks has caused some embarrassing moments for American diplomats, and there are calls for the arrest of Julian Assange for treason and many on the right claim he is a traitor. One could excuse the harsh rhetoric from Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, and right if they had expressed the same outrage during the Bush era for the lies and deception used as a reason to invade Iraq and wage war on innocent Iraqis.

Are Julian Assange and WikiLeaks Really The Bad Guys?

Glenn Beck's Wanted List

This morning, Glenn Beck assumes we should shut down WikiLeaks like we shut down the Prada infringers, in order to enjoin publication of the cables. In doing so, Beck skips over the tug of war between a transparent government and the protection of U.S. national security, the eternal tango between the need to limit power without rendering it impotent. As Lord Acton warned, "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men."