Kamala Harris

Officer Eugene Goodman, Who Saved Lives During the Capitol Insurrection, Is Currently Escorting Kamala Harris

Officer Eugene Goodman, who saved lives during the Capitol insurrection, is currently escorting Vice President-elect Kamala Harris into the Capitol…

3 days ago

Kamala Harris Officially Resigns from Senate as She Prepares to Become First Female VP

Vice President-elect Kamala Harris has officially resigned from her seat in the Senate ahead of Inauguration Day, when she will take…

5 days ago

Biden and Harris Announce Latest Members of White House Staff

President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris have announced the latest crop of White House appointees. "This announcement includes…

3 weeks ago

Kamala Harris Will Receive Her First Dose of Covid-19 Vaccine Today

Vice President-elect Kamala Harris and her husband Doug Emhoff will receive their first round of the Covid-19 vaccine today. Harris…

4 weeks ago

Biden Announces Key Members of Health Team Who Will Address Covid-19 Pandemic Once He Takes Office

President-elect Joe Biden has announced who will join his administration as key members of the health team tasked with addressing…

2 months ago

Biden Announces Two New Members of White House Senior Staff

President-elect Joe Biden has announced who will join his administration as White House senior staff. “The American people are eager…

2 months ago

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern Offers to Help Biden-Harris Administration with Coronavirus

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has offered to help President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris to tackle…

2 months ago

Listen: Sean Hannity Unintentionally Admits That Joe Biden Won 2020 Election

Slowly but surely, more and more Republican lawmakers have been willing to discuss the reality that Joe Biden won the…

2 months ago

GA Sen. David Perdue Just Cancelled Final Debate After He Got Destroyed by Jon Ossoff Last Night

There are many incumbent Republican senators who are considered good bets to lose their seats this year. That includes Maine's…

3 months ago

Biden Campaign Suspends Travel for Harris After Communications Director Tests Positive for Covid-19

Senator Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), the Democratic vice presidential nominee, has suspended her travel through Sunday after her communications director Liz…

3 months ago

Kamala Harris Blasts Republicans For Getting SCOTUS To Do Their Obamacare Killing Dirty Work

Kamala Harris laid it out for the American people. Republicans are using the Supreme Court to do their Obamacare killing…

3 months ago

Kamala Harris Refuses To Personally Attend Lindsey Graham’s COVID Infected SCOTUS Hearing

Democratic vice-presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris will not in person attend the SCOTUS confirmation hearing as COVID runs through the…

3 months ago

Trump Calls Kamala Harris “This Monster” During Fox Interview

President Trump called in to "Fox and Friends" for an interview this morning, during which he referred to Senator Kamala…

4 months ago

Kamala Harris Is Humiliating Mike Pence At VP Debate

Pence is anchored to Trump's talking point lies as Kamala Harris is humiliating him at the vice presidential debate.

4 months ago

Kamala Harris Obliterates Pence And Basically Calls Him A Liar At VP Debate

Sen. Kamala Harris took out Mike Pence at the VP debate and told the American people that Pence and Trump…

4 months ago

Mike Pence Rejects Safety Measures for Vice Presidential Debate

As Donald Trump departs from Walter Reed Hospital, Republicans will be painting a triumphant picture. Of course, Trump's White House…

4 months ago

Kamala Harris Tests Negative for Coronavirus

Senator Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), Joe Biden's running mate for the Democratic presidential ticket, has tested negative for the novel coronavirus.…

4 months ago

Kamala Harris Vows To Fight The Nomination Of Amy Coney Barrett

Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) vowed to fight Amy Coney Barrett's nomination to the Supreme Court.

4 months ago

Trump: Kamala Harris Will Show “How Incompetent She Is” During SCOTUS Confirmation Hearing

President Donald Trump claimed Senator Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) will show "how incompetent she is" after news outlets reported that she…

4 months ago

Biden Launches New Ads Targeting Black Voters in Swing States

Joe Biden's campaign has released a series of new ads targeting Black voters in key swing states. The ads will…

4 months ago

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