Republican Senate Candidate Kris Kobach: Coronavirus Numbers Are “Being Cooked” to Harm Trump’s Reelection

Kris Kobach has claimed Coronavirus numbers are being falsified in order to harm Donald Trump’s reelection chances. His comments come as the President shared false information about the disease.

Kobach is a former Kansas secretary of state and he’s running for the Senate seat there in November. He spoke to the YouTube program National File about the ongoing pandemic. read more

A Democrat May Become Governor of Kansas as Many in GOP Won’t Back Kobach

The Kansas City Star newspaper recently asked 95 Republican members of the Kansas House and Senate where they stood on the upcoming race for governor of Kansas, and they got some surprising news. The paper discovered that barely half of poll respondents said they would support Kris Kobach, the Trump-loving narrow winner of the recent GOP primary.

Remember, this is a poll of REPUBLICANS who are currently ELECTED OFFICIALS in Kansas.  Just 58 percent of them said the controversial Kobach would get their backing.

For a party’s nominee to have such weak support among leaders of his own party with just eight weeks until the election is unheard of, and should send shockwaves throughout the Kansas political world.

The paper reported that a good number of those asked for their opinions did not respond, and also that there appeared to be an open revolt against Kobach from the affluent suburbs of Kansas City.

Clearly Kobach may in trouble given this lukewarm support from members of his own party. The unthinkable may happen: a Democrat could possibly be elected as governor of Kansas.

On the Democratic side, 94 percent of those in the Legislature read more

Kansas Govt Didn’t Tell People About Chemicals In Water For Over 6 Years

There’s something that happens in red states where Republicans take over state government and run it like a business. What happens is that instead of respecting its citizens, the state government tries to screw over people like any for-profit enterprise does to its customers — if it can get away with it. (See Flint, Michigan for an example of this phenomenon.)

And in GOP-dominated Kansas, the state government found out about contaminated water that people were drinking in the Wichita area in 2011, but didn’t tell them until recently.

Where is Erin Brockovich when you need her? read more

Kansas Republicans Finally Admit That Their Tax Cuts For The Wealthy Have Failed

With the state budget forecast to have a 400 million dollar shortfall, Kansas Republicans are finally acknowledging that the massive GOP tax cuts approved under Governor Sam Brownback have not generated the revenue Republican lawmakers promised. The right-wing Kansas Legislature is now contemplating the unthinkable — raising taxes to plug the budget hole.

The legislature which passed drastic tax cuts in 2012 is now scrambling to find ways to undo the damage their shortsighted approach has inflicted upon the state’s economy and its services. Republicans are acknowledging that they can no longer cut their way to growth, having already taken the budget ax to state pensions, public schools, and government programs.

Republican Senator Les Donovan (Wichita) admitted the failure of the GOP’s tax cuts, stating:

We hoped they would just be a magic lantern and everybody would react to it. But, eh, it’s hard to get a company to uproot their business when they’re established and move to another place just because of this difference in tax policy. read more

Scott Walker’s Koch Economics Is Decimating Wisconsin

Kansas has received its share of attention for its epic trickle down failure typical of conservative economics, and it is duly warranted. However, the governor of Kansas has not been tapped by the Koch brothers as their preferred Republican presidential candidate for 2016. That distinction goes to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker who has his state's financial demise keeping pace with Kansas for the top Republican economic failure.