Kansas City

Americans Have a Right to Protest, But Trump Has a Right to Speak

This is America. And nobody should be silenced. Not if we take the First Amendment seriously. Not even Trump.

7 years ago

Kansas City Police Use Pepper Spray on anti-Trump Demonstrators

Protesters outside got pepper sprayed, while Trump threatened those engaging in their First Amendment rights inside with arrest and criminal…

7 years ago

Republican Media Is Responsible For Muslim Child and African Americans Being Murdered

African Americans are not the only victims of media incitement to murder as was borne out on Thursday in Missouri…

8 years ago

People From Around The World Gather In St. Louis For March Against Police Brutality

Activists and protesters from all over the world gathered Saturday morning in downtown St. Louis to participate in a march,…

8 years ago

Working Under Romney’s Bain ‘Was Like Going to War Everyday’

GST steelworkers and lead negotiator for labor explain that what Mitt Romney's Bain Capital did was not Capitalism, it was…

10 years ago