Karl Marx

Opinion: Advocating For Student Loan Forgiveness, AOC Highlights Key Obstacle To American Progress And Democracy

She expands the debate beyond student loan forgiveness to give us a broader lesson in civics and reality.

1 year ago

Far from “Jaw-Dropping,” Will Facebook Revelation Make Us Face Our Serious Systemic Sickness?

So, Facebook’s behavior is a symptom of alienation, and it shouldn’t be any kind of “jaw-dropping” surprise.

2 years ago

WATCH: Fox News Bill Hemmer Embarrassingly Claims Karl Marx Wrote Mein Kampf

Many of today's Conservatives like to compare Democratic policies to historical events or works of literature. This was most evident…

2 years ago

Would It be So Bad If Biden’s Focus on Americans’ Needs Makes Him Little Bit Socialist?

We may be ready for this discussion as a nation, especially if Biden were to stop eschewing the socialist label…

2 years ago

Steve King Says if You’re not Capitalist You Don’t Love America

"They don't like the constitution, they don't love this country, they don't appreciate the greatness of America, they don't think…

10 years ago

Republicans Around the Country Introduce Wave of Unconstitutional Legislation

Besides being deluded that America is lurching towards Marxism, Republicans are so desperate to impose their vision on the nation…

10 years ago