Former HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius: “Terrifying” Coronavirus Response Could Be “Total Nightmare”


The Trump administration response to Coronavirus is “terrifying”, according to former Obama cabinet secretary Kathleen Sebelius. She branded the White House approach “chaos.”

The former Secretary of Health and Human Services told Rolling Stone that the administration hasn’t done enough and instead created a “nightmare” scenario. read more

As the 2013 Political Year Disappears Into the Night, Little Light Appears on the Horizon


I’ve probably submitted 320 articles or so to this august, informative and objective progressive website. That’s no big whoop since Jason and Sarah seem to write that many in a week. Nonetheless, I feel like at least a 2nd cousin in the PoliticusUSA family. As such, I’m going to pipe up and share some of my personal thoughts on a 2013 year-ender and some early observations for the year directly in front of us and perhaps even further down the road. read more