Opinion: The Media Must Stop Feeding Trump’s Spread Of Election Panic

The stories we tell ourselves, especially the ones we tend to repeat over and over and that circulate throughout our political and cultural discourses, matter.  They impact us. They carve neural pathways, so to speak, in our collective cultural mindset, in our political nervous system.  They set expectations for us about the future, map out and set the course for our imagination of possibilities, preparing us for, priming us to accept, some future outcomes more than others.  In this sense, they can make us feel powerful and hopeful or demoralized, powerless, and anxious. read more

‘I Hope You Get Raped and Killed:’ Tur Reveals Trump-Inspired Hate Mail

In an emotional segment on Friday MSNBC host Katy Tur shared with viewers some of the details of the violent and hate-filled comments she has received that she believes have been instigated by President Donald Trump’s inflammatory anti-media rhetoric. “Either the president doesn’t get the problem, or he doesn’t care,” Tur said.

Then she added:

“Sadly, the harassment and threats are not stopping. Journalists get them every day. We’ve been getting them since the campaign when then-candidate Trump urged the crowd to yell and scream at us. But what you saw and still see on TV, those boos and those taunts, are only part of it. What you do not see are the nasty letters, or packages, or emails.” read more