Senate Transcript Accuses Kavanaugh of Rape in the Back of a Car

According to a 23-page transcript of an interview with Brett Kavanaugh conducted by a staffer with the Senate Judiciary Committee, the nominee allegedly raped a woman in the back of a car. This, along with several other sexual assault allegations, had not been reported in the media until yesterday. In all there were six sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh that are discussed in the interview transcript. read more

Confirmation Could Mean Impeachment and Jail for Kavanaugh

If Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed by the Senate it doesn’t mean he’ll definitely sit on the high court for life. Given the credible allegations against him, it is very possible that he would later be impeached from the Supreme Court. He might also be charged with sex crimes in the state of Maryland, and eventually go to jail if he is found guilty. read more

Ford’s Lawyer Complains About ‘Sex Crimes Prosecutor’ For Hearing

The attorney for Brett Kavanaugh accuser Dr. Christine Ford  is concerned about Republicans hiring an “experienced sex crimes prosecutor” for Thursday’s hearing where she will give her testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee. read more