Kayleigh McEnany Lies And Claims It’s “Constitutionally Accurate” for GOP Legislatures to Appoint Trump Electors

Appearing on “Fox and Friends,” White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany falsely claimed that it would be “constitutionally accurate” for Republican legislatures to appoint electors who would certify the results of the 2020 general election for President Donald Trump despite his loss to President-elect Joe Biden. read more

Trump Says he Spoke to Jacob Blake’s Family Pastor. Blake’s Father Says They Don’t Have a Pastor

When President’s speak to American families that are grieving, it is important that they show empathy. This has been a regularly difficult thing for Donald Trump to do.

Earlier today, Kayleigh McEnany said that the President has unsuccessfully reached out to Jacob Blake’s family. When asked about Blake during a Monday press conference, Trump said that he had spoken with the family’s pastor. read more

White House Press Secretary: Trump Works So Hard He’s Too Busy to Eat

The White House Press Secretary has become the latest official to claim the President works so hard that he forgets to eat. The claim comes as Donald Trump tweeted criticism of the media.

Kayleigh McEnany told Fox News on Monday that President Trump is working day and night during the Coronavirus crisis. She repeated claims made in a New York Post article that he often has no time for lunch. read more