Keith Olbermann Boils Down the Desperation of the Teabaggers

On his nightly Tea Time segment during his MSNBC show Countdown tonight, host Keith Olbermann dove into the growing desperation of the Tea Party movement, and said, "A hint of desperation is starting to sink in. He highlighted that the Tea Party has admitted that they coined their own nickname. He used poll numbers that show the negativity of is starting to hinder the enthusiasm of Republicans.

Keith Olbermann Defends MSNBC’s Diversity

Keith Olbermann used his quick comment on his MSNBC program Countdown tonight to answer a video put out by the Dallas Tea Party in response to his questioning of the diversity of the Tea Party movement. Olbermann pointed out that in the entire Dallas Tea Party organization there appears to be nine minorities. I guess in today's conservative movement any group with nine non whites is considered diverse.