Kelly Loeffler

Kelly Loeffler Launches Group To Rig Georgia Elections For Republicans

Former Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) is launching her conservative group, dubbed Unfair Fight by critics, to rig Georgia elections for…

10 months ago

On Trump’s Last Day, Richard Burr Announces That He’s No Longer Under Investigation by the DOJ

Senators and congresspeople have access to information that the American public doesn't. It is expected that they don't use these…

11 months ago

Sore Loser Kelly Loeffler’s Aide Assaulted A Reporter In Front Of Police

An aide to outgoing Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler elbowed and pushed Senior Congressional Correspondent for CNN Manu Raju early Wednesday…

11 months ago

Lou Dobbs Says If Loeffler, Perdue Win, It Proves Trump Is Right About Voter Fraud

This years presidential election featured a daunting map for Donald Trump. In 2016, he won traditionally Democratic states like Pennsylvania,…

11 months ago

Trump Praises Loeffler and Perdue for Pledging to Vote Against Certifying Biden’s Election Win

The Georgia Senate runoffs, which will determine which party will have control over Congress's upper chamber, are today. For weeks,…

11 months ago

Axios Co-founder: Some Republicans Believe Trump is “Sabotaging” Georgia Race

During an appearance on CNBC, Axios co-founder Mike Allen said that some Republicans believe President Donald Trump's erratic behavior in…

11 months ago

Trump Supporters “Heckled” Loeffler and Perdue During Monday Campaign Event

Donald Trump will no longer be the President of the United States come mid-January. His presence, though, will hang over…

12 months ago

While Biden Has Raised $10 Million to Aid Warnock and Ossoff, Trump is Just Pocketing Georgia Fundraising Money for Himself

Joe Biden received 306 Electoral College votes on Monday. On Tuesday, he headed down to Georgia to campaign for Raphael…

12 months ago

Kelly Loeffler’s Campaign: Senator “Had No Idea” She Took Photo with Former KKK Leader

Senator Kelly Loeffler's campaign denied that she knew she was taking a photo with a former Ku Klux Klan leader…

12 months ago

Republicans Are Creating a Donald Trump Jr. Ad to Appeal to Georgia Voters Who May Boycott Runoff

There is a runoff election upcoming in the state of Georgia that will decide the balance of power in the…

1 year ago

A PAC Associated With Roger Stone Says They Will Sabotage Georgia Senate Race if GOP Doesn’t Stand Up For Trump

It took them quite a long time, but many Republican senators have come to admit that Joe Biden defeated Donald…

1 year ago

3 Corrupt Senators Who Voted To Acquit Trump Insider Traded Away Stocks Before Coronavirus Crash

Three Senate Republicans who voted to acquit Donald Trump in the impeachment trial used insider information to sell stocks and…

2 years ago

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp Defies Trump On Senate Appointment

Trump was looking for a reliable vote against conviction at his impeachment trial, but Gov. Brian Kemp will defy him.

2 years ago

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