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Mika Brzezinski Rips Texas AG Ken Paxton Over Kate Cox Case

Mika Brzezinski Rips Texas AG Ken Paxton Over Kate Cox Case

Mika Brzezinski used Attorney General Ken Paxton's brutal attacks on Kate Cox's rights over her own body to make the…

6 months ago

Texas Republicans Block Judge’s Injunction on ‘Unconstitutional’ Abortion Ban

The office of Texas Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton, who just appeared in court on securities fraud charges, immediately put…

11 months ago

Texas Attorney General Ignores Uvalde, But Opens Investigation Into Fake Twitter Accounts

Texas Attorney Generals Ken Paxton has no time to do anything about the Uvalde shooting but is investigating fake Twitter…

2 years ago

Texas AG Ken Paxton Announces State Will Appeal Ruling That Blocked Abortion Law

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has announced that the state will appeal a ruling from U.S. District Judge Robert Pitman…

3 years ago

George P. Bush Turned His Back on his Entire Family to Support Donald Trump and Trump Just Humiliated Him by Endorsing His Opponent

The Bush family obviously has an incredible legacy in American politics. George H.W. and George W. Bush both served as…

3 years ago

WATCH: Stephen Miller Tells Fox News That He’s Suing Joe Biden Over Illegal Immigration

When Joe Biden took office in January, he inherited a number of different messes. The biggest, of course, was the…

3 years ago

Texas AG Ken Paxton Has Been Sued for Blocking People on Twitter

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has been sued for blocking people on Twitter. The lawsuit was filed on Thursday in a Texas…

3 years ago

Texas AG Ken Paxton Attempting to Withhold Messages He Sent or Received During Capitol Insurrection

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is attempting to withhold all messages he sent or received during the Capitol riot on…

3 years ago

Twitter Sues Texas AG, Says He Retaliated Against Company for Banning Trump from Its Platform

Twitter has sued Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, saying he retaliated against the company by opening an investigation into the…

3 years ago

Embattled Texas AG Ken Paxton Also Skipped Town During Weather Disaster

When a state faces a weather disaster, it is a good time for elected politicians to show leadership. Sure, there's…

3 years ago

Texas AG Who is Trying to Overturn Election Hit With FBI Subpoena Over Ongoing Investigation

With Sidney Powell fired for being insane and Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis suffering from COVID, Donald Trump was running…

4 years ago

Trump Continues to Falsely Claim Election Was Rigged After Supreme Court Rejects His Election Lawsuit

President Donald Trump continued to push false claims about the November 3 general election, insisting that the election was fraudulent…

4 years ago

Texas Governor Who Forced Regulator To Drop Trump Fraud Case Received Hefty Donation

"It had to be political because Donald Trump was treated differently than any other scam artist in the 16 years…

8 years ago

Theocracy Warning In Republican Strongholds Of Kentucky and Texas

The latest drive toward an iteration of Sharia Law for the cult of right-wing Christians panting for a theocracy is…

8 years ago

Texas A.G. Ken Paxton Orders State Officials to Violate Texas’ Religious Freedom Law

It is prescient that the top law enforcement officer in Texas, Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton, is either completely ignorant…

9 years ago

Heartless Texas Attorney General Fights To Invalidate The State’s Only Same-Sex Marriage

Attorney General Ken Paxton (R) is working to invalidate the marriage of a lesbian couple, one of whom has cancer.

9 years ago