Kentucky’s Dem. Governor Andy Beshear Warns Schools Officials Who Want to Skirt Mask Mandate

Right now, the South is on fire with Delta variant COVID cases. And most of those states are run by…

9 months ago

“He Actually Loves Our Programs”: Watch as Joe Biden Mocks Obstructionist Mitch McConnell

When he first took office, Joe Biden promised to make a good faith effort to work with Republicans. And that…

11 months ago

GOP Rep. Massie Warns Fellow Republicans Their Trump Stunts Put an End to the Electoral College

There are more Democrats than there are Republicans. This is not only borne out in the number of registered voters.…

1 year ago

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear to Self Quarantine After Staffer has Positive COVID-19 Test

Andy Beshear is somewhat of an anomaly in the state of Kentucky. In 2016, Donald Trump easily won the state,…

2 years ago

Fox’s Napolitano Says All 3 Officers in Breonna Taylor Case Should Have Been Indicted

Yesterday, the Attorney General of Kentucky only filed charges of wanton endangerment against just one of the officers involved in…

2 years ago

Trump’s Unsurprising Answer on Breonna Taylor: “Nobody’s Done More for the Black Community Than Me”

Tonight the eyes of the nation are turned toward Louisville, Kentucky. Today, the state's Attorney General, Daniel Cameron, announced that…

2 years ago

“Mitch Better Have My Money”: Kentucky Voters Angry at McConnell’s Response to Economic Crisis

Kentucky voters are angry at Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's response to the economic crisis wrought by the coronavirus pandemic.…

2 years ago

McConnell Refuses Funds For Blue States As His Kentucky Is 2nd Most Dependent On Federal Cash

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell refused to give virus hit blue states aid, but his state of Kentucky is the…

2 years ago

A Person In Kentucky Got Coronavirus From A “Coronavirus Party”

Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear (D-KY) announced that someone in his state got infected with coronavirus by attending a coronavirus party.

2 years ago

GOP Lawmaker Commits Suicide After Being Accused Of Molesting Teenage Girl

Rep. Dan Johnson's suicide comes a day after he held a press conference at his church, where he denied accusations…

4 years ago

Opinion: Judge Rules Trump Inciting Violence Against Protesters is Not Protected Speech

The judge ruled when Trump “repeatedly...instructed, and commanded” supporters to “get em’ out of here” the result was protesters being…

5 years ago

Trump Attacks Obamacare In Kentucky, Where It’s Insured More Than Half A Million People

If Trump wants to keep calling the Affordable Care Act a “disaster,” he probably shouldn’t do it in a state…

5 years ago

Hundreds Of Protesters In Deep Red Kentucky Greet Trump Ahead Of Third Campaign Rally

While Kentucky is a conservative state that Trump carried by nearly 30 percentage points last fall, it has in many…

5 years ago

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin Facing Impeachment Petition After a Month In Office

For Republican Matt Bevin, the man who has been Kentucky governor for roughly a month, besides spending whatever political capital…

6 years ago

Bush-Appointed Judge Forces Kentucky Taxpayers To Fund An Evangelical Ministry

Kentucky taxpayers are being "compelled" to spend at least $18 million to build and support the Answers in Genesis Noah's…

6 years ago

Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear Restores Voting Rights For 180,000 Convicted Felons

Beshear signed an executive order on Tuesday to restore voting rights to 180,000 Kentucky residents who had completed their sentences

6 years ago

Kentucky Gubernatorial Election Should Be A Wake Up Call For Democrats

Now if only Democrats would make a special effort to demonstrate to moderates that a major contributor to this country's…

7 years ago

Democrats Lead In 2 Of 3 Southern Governor’s Races At Stake in 2015

Three Southern U.S. states have Governors races in 2015, and Democrats are poised to win two of them.

7 years ago

Here’s Why You’re an Idiot if You’re a Republican in 2016

Franklin Graham says that by imposing her religion on other people, the Rowan County clerk is "Fighting for religious freedom…

7 years ago