Obama, Biden, And Kerry All Slam Trump For Iran Deal Move

When Barack Obama was president, Joe Biden was vice president, and John Kerry was secretary of state, the U.S. government seemed to operate much more smoothly.  Those three people were not only brilliant and dedicated statesmen but they knew how to work together, tamping down their egos for the good of all. read more

President Obama Shows True Leadership By Pushing For Peace Between Israel And Palestine

On Tuesday, an op-ed written by President Obama appeared in Haaretz, Israel's oldest newspaper. This op-ed comes as tensions between Israelis and Palestinians are extremely high.

Another Sign Obama’s Doing a Good Job: War Criminal Dick Cheney Thinks America Isn’t Safe

Cheney claims the President's national security team choices put the nation at risk because they do not support Bush-Cheney policies that did increase the risks to America; his logic defies reason.