The Christian Jihadists Are at the Gates and They Want Your Rights

Christian jihadist terror is grasping at the heart of America, culminating in cries by presidential candidates usurp the Constitution

Republican Fail: Evangelical Bigots Did Not Counter President Obama’s SOTU

It is an abomination that an avowed religious bigot like Kim Davis was invited as a protest and counterweight to President Obama's message

Jailbird Kim Davis Will Accompany Ohio Republican to State of the Union

The country's most infamous county clerk Kim Davis will be hosted at tonight's State of the Union by none other than Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH).

Fox Host Calls Jennifer Lawrence an “Idiot” For Telling the Truth About its War on Women

The GOP just went to war against the top-paid actress in Hollywood, the star of the Hunger Games trilogy as Katniss Everdeen, Jennifer Lawrence. Lawrence told Vogue in an interview published Wednesday that she was brought up as a Republican but that the GOP’s treatment of women was difficult for her: read more

Kentucky Gubernatorial Election Should Be A Wake Up Call For Democrats

Now if only Democrats would make a special effort to demonstrate to moderates that a major contributor to this country's problems is conservative Christians and moderates pandering to evangelical fanatics forcing religion on the country, voters might wake up.

Pope Francis Rejects Kim Davis’s Account Of Meeting And Refuses To Endorse Her Bigotry

According to the Vatican, Pope Francis did not invite Kim Davis to meet him. There was no secret meeting, and the Pope had no idea who she was when he met her.

Clinton Impeachment Attorney Ken Starr Isn’t Jumping Up to Support Kim Davis

Ken Starr dished out some reality to a religious freed summit audience, cautioning them that choosing which laws to obey is problematic

Evangelical Martyr Kim Davis Secretly Met The Pope – Now Send Her Back To Jail

Apparently, 5 days in jail did little more than embolden the newly crowned martyr to thumb her nose at Judge Bunning's condition of release

Progressive Pope Endorses Christian Criminals Who Violate Law And Constitution

The Pope's bible, the rule book containing every single one of god's utterances, plainly says to obey the government authorities, period

President Obama Truth Bombs Republican Claims About Religious Freedom

Obama said Sunday that "our religious freedom doesn't grant us the freedom to deny our fellow Americans their constitutional rights."

Kim Davis Officially Joins Republican Party Where Her Intolerance Will Be Welcomed

Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis announced on Friday that she and her husband had officially switched to the Republican Party.

Right Wingers Warp Civil Rights By Comparing Kim Davis to Rosa Parks and MLK

The Family Research Council gave lawbreaker Kim Davis the "Cost Of Discipleship Award" award Friday night at the right wing Values Voters Summit, comparing her to Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King. Jr.

Trump Will Speak at Values Voter Summit’s Orgy of Hate This Weekend

Donald Trump may have divorced himself from Fox News, but he’s throwing himself into Evangelical arms this weekend by speaking at the so-called Values Voter Summit. This is the yearly conference hosted by Tony Perkins’ Family Research Council, where Republican candidates can pretend they’re in Iowa and, as Right Wing Watch’s Brian Tashman puts it, deliver “bigoted remarks and self-righteous tirades,” all while nestled safely within the bosom of their fellow haters. read more

Religious Right Encounters the Constitution and Tosses its Collective Cookies

The Religious Right had a bad week with Constitution. You wouldn't think people could be this, well, dirt stupid, but they can, and they are

Mike Huckabee is an Awful Human Being and Needs to Go

Mike Huckabee has amply demonstrated has lack of presidential bona fides over the span of two debates and appalling comments in between

Kim Davis To Get an Award From Family Research Council for Excellence in Bigotry

Based on a fantasy version of the US Constitution, the Religious Right hails Kim Davis as a Savior and Gives her a Medal for Bigotry

Oath Keepers Plan to “Protect” Kim Davis from Arrest by US Marshals

The group said, "This judge needs to be put on notice that this sort of behavior is not going to be accepted and we'll be there to stop it"

GOP Race Gets Physical As Huckabee Aide Boxes Out Ted Cruz At Kim Davis Release Circus

A Huckabee staffer blocked Texas Senator Ted Cruz from getting on stage with law-defying Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis at her release party.

Here’s Why You’re an Idiot if You’re a Republican in 2016

Franklin Graham says that by imposing her religion on other people, the Rowan County clerk is "Fighting for religious freedom for all of us"

Erick Erickson Predicts Civil War if Fake Christians Can’t Persecute Gays

Red State's Erick Erickson thinks its a given there will be a civil war over marriage equality; he just doesn't have any goods reason for it