GOP Presidential Candidates Still Throwing Fits Over Jailing Of Bigoted Kentucky Clerk

GOP presidential candidates seeking to burnish their homophobic resumes, are rallying to the cause of jailed Kentucky clerk Kim Davis.

David Barton’s Appalling Lie that the Constitution Puts God’s Law Above Man’s Law

Barton says the Founding Fathers were all about God's law trumping man's. The problem is, the idea is nowhere found in the U.S. Constitution

A Win for Love and Marriage Equality in Rowan County as Kim Davis Goes to Jail

Deputy clerk Brian did his job on Friday morning, and Rowan County Kentucky began issuing its first marriage

Breaking News To Evangelicals: God’s Law Does Not Supersede the U.S. Constitution

It may come as a shock to Kim Davis that in America there is no higher authority than the Constitution, no matter that she believes

Equality Wins As Kentucky Marriage Clerk Taken To Jail For Refusing To Issue Same Sex Licenses

A Kentucky marriage clerk who has repeatedly refused to follow the law and issue marriage licenses to gay couples has been found in contempt of court and taken into police custody.

GOP Candidate Matt Bevin Bets On The Bigot Vote In His Bid To Become Kentucky Governor

Kentucky gubernatorial candidate Matt Bevin has tied his hopes on becoming the state's next governor to being proudly for anti-gay bigotry.

Lawless Anti-Gay Kentucky County Clerk Continues To Refuse To Issue Marriage Licenses

Kim Davis continued to refuse to issue marriage licenses on Tuesday morning, a day after the U.S. Supreme Court rejected her appeal.