June 12 Summit May Be a “Go” As Korean Leaders Meet

North and South Korea’s leaders held a hastily arranged secret meeting on Saturday in their attempts to salvage the June 12 summit between Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump.

Kim and South Korean President Moon Jae-in talked for two hours and afterwards they were hopeful they had a plan to convince America’s president that the summit should still take place in order to bring peace to the Korean peninsula.  They also said that they plan additional talks this week to work out more details. read more

North Korea Says It Won’t Hold Talks With South Unless Demands Met

The head negotiator for North Korea was back to his belligerent self on Thursday, and called the government of South Korea “ignorant and incompetent.”  

North Korea is still upset that South Korea is holding joint air force exercises with the United States.   When they say they want to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula what they mean is they want the United States to leave and stop working together with the South Korean military. read more

North Korea’s Kim Jong Un Just Proved He Is Smarter Than Donald Trump

Only in a military dictatorship will you find a leader crazy enough to spend money on building monuments to his favorite inter-continental ballistic missiles (ICBMs).  But that is exactly what is going on in North Korea. Dictator Kim Jong Un has decided that the country needs to spend money on these monuments (even though his people are starving) because the recent tests of ICBMs have shown the world how great and powerful he is. read more