Hillary Clinton Refuses To Say Donald Trump Isn’t A Full-Blown White Supremacist

The former Secretary of State did not definitively call Trump a white supremacist, but it's rather stunning that she refused…

5 years ago

GOP Rep Goes Full Crazy And Claims Charlottesville Nazis Were Actually Liberal Actors

This is the kind of unhinged and crackpot rhetoric that is common on Info Wars, but it has no place…

5 years ago

Congress Just Sent Trump a Resolution Forcing Him to Condemn White Nationalists

Congress just sent President Trump a resolution forcing him to condemn and use all available resources to address white nationalists,…

5 years ago

KKK Leader Who Made Terrorist Threats Against Ferguson Protesters is Dead

Frank Ancona once told Anonymous "You'll be strung up next to the chimps" was shot as he slept and his…

6 years ago

David Duke Praises Trump’s Picks of Racists Bannon, Flynn, and Sessions

David Duke said, "Bravo President Trump! Some great first steps. We’re on the way, folks, to taking America back."

6 years ago

Neo-Nazi David Duke Capitalizes on Mike Pence Refusal to Call Him Deplorable

Duke says the GOP is a 'big tent,' apparently because it includes those those who are "racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic,…

6 years ago

Deplorable: Both Candidates On GOP Ticket Reluctant To Condemn White Supremacist

If you're keeping score at home, both candidates on the Republican ticket have now refused to make quick and forceful…

6 years ago

Morning Joe Dumps Trump Says KKK Scandal Disqualifies Him From The White House

The fallout from Donald Trump's refusal to disavow the support of David Duke and the KKK has been so severe…

7 years ago

No Surprise That Donald Trump Is Aiding ISIS and The Ku Klux Klan

Using the ISIS playbook, Trump has become, for the KKK "the greatest thing to happen to white supremacists," likely since…

7 years ago

Where Is The Shame That The World Sees Americans As Racist And Extremists?

Everything bad about America that the rest of the world sees increasing, and Americans feel, is purely Republican and it…

8 years ago

President Obama Maintains His Dignity When Faced With Racist and Bigoted Attacks

It is a sad commentary that a man of President Obama's stature, intelligence, and even-keeled resolve has been the subject…

11 years ago

And Now for Something Really Hateful the KKK Invites You to a Cross Burning

In case you were wondering how far some people want to take America back to, the KKK in Harmony, NC…

11 years ago

Losing On The Issues, Republicans Amp Up Their Racist Rhetoric

Barack Obama’s successes have left Republicans little option but to attack him for being an African American.

11 years ago