The Koch Brothers Are Spending $20 Million to Convince Voters on GOP Tax Bill

Because just 39 percent of poll respondents had a favorable view of the Trump/Republican tax cut bill in an April Gallup poll, the GOP’s biggest billionaire mega-donors are spending $20 million in a new effort to convince more people that they should like the tax law change which gives unneeded tax breaks to billionaires while exploding the U.S. deficit. read more

Colorado Republicans Are Pushing Koch Legislation To Seize Federal Land

It is unclear how a state can have "joint jurisdiction" over land it does not own and has no claim to, but the Colorado Republicans' effort is a first step in a much more ambitious scheme; seizing and handing authority over federal land to the billionaire Koch brothers to drill for oil, mine, and log without "interference" from the federal government.

Another Blue State Outperforms A Typical Koch Fueled Red State Failure

Republicans claim businesses love and demand the conservative economic agenda, but according to states like California and Minnesota that is a blatant lie.

Koch-Funded Professor Publicly Calls For Less Democracy

A university professor heavily funded by the Koch brothers has very publicly and openly called for less democracy to reduce the power of the majority.

With ISIS Help, American Oil Producers Drive Up Oil Prices

Last week, America's oil industry efforts were buoyed by news that Islamic State (ISIS) extremists are unknowingly helping the U.S. oil industry's crusade for higher gas prices.

Republicans’ Rule A Death Sentence For 9 Million Disabled Americans

Republicans have shifted their focus slightly away from just killing Americans' jobs to killing disabled Americans; nearly nine million disabled Americans.

Newspapers Across America Are Stealthily Helping The Koch Brothers Buy The Government

What makes newspapers actions more despicable is that they are not owned by the Kochs, but they are using so-called "opinion and editorial" pages to promote Republican candidates, and push Kochs brother ideology and vision for America as the country's salvation.

Mitch McConnell Admits Republicans Want Kansas’ “Conservative Hell” Enacted Nationally

McConnell is anxious to lead the Senate and join House Republicans in enacting Brownback's Koch brother model at the national level.

The Democratic Party Is Not Your Abusive Partner, Progressives, It’s Your Problem Child

Calls for the Progressives to "break up" with the Democratic Party as an abusive partner miss the mark. The problems is actually their neglect of the party.

A Koch Brother Does Damage Control As The American People Reject Their Agenda

The AP interviewed one of the lesser known Koch brothers, William, in what seems to be an attempt to soften the public image of the family whom the AP tells us are "demonized" by Democrats.

Right-Wing Billionaires To Use California Ruling to Nationally Crush Teachers’ Unions

e group of Silicon Valley billionaires is now preparing to file the exact same lawsuit, likely using nine different students' names, in New York, Connecticut, Maryland, Oregon, New Mexico, Idaho, and Kansas as well as every other state with strong teacher unions and populations that do not support school privatization.

The Kochs and Their Astroturf Tea Are Demanding an Exemption From Campaign Finance Rules

It appears Americans are being kept unawares again as the Koch's so-called grass-roots organization, the teabaggers, have asked for an FEC exemption on campaign finance disclosure rules.

The Vile Koch Scheme to Make $100 Billion Destroying The Environment With KeystoneXL

The dirty energy fascist Koch Brothers are planning to make tens of billions of dollars off the KeystoneXL pipeline before the tar ever enters American territory.

Crybaby GOP Senator Throws a Tantrum Over Being Called Out As a Climate Change Denier

Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) is throwing a fit that the League of Conservation Voters is including him in an ad campaign because he questions the validity of global climate change.


The ghost of Christmas past haunted Ebeneezer Scrooge, and was 1/3 of the spirit that changed Scrooge around and it scared the Hell out of him, and apparently, the same is happening with Scott Walker.

A Panicked and Desperate ALEC Admits that They Are Being Defeated

ALEC’s assault on democracy, though successful up until now, is over and it is entirely due to activist organizations and social media.