Koch Brothers Helped Incite the Impending Bloodbath Among Republicans

"If the party doesn’t learn lessons and change based on what’s gone on for the last year and a half, I think it’s going to be just catastroph[ic]."

The Media Ignores the Good News On Climate Change

To avoid climate-ending global temperature rise, it is critical for the world to transition off fossil fuels and embrace renewable, clean energy sources.

Koch-Republicans Want the National Park Service’s 100th Anniversary to Be Its Last

The federal government's landholdings and control of water could be better used for ranching, mining or forestry through private ownership.

ExxonMobil Lies – They Still Oppose Any Climate Change Remedies

ExxonMobil promotes a carbon tax while contributing to Republicans who block all efforts to combat climate change with a tax on carbon.

Stunning Hypocrisy – AARP Supports the Anti-Social Security Lobby ALEC

AARP should be more sensitive to its retired members who are vulnerable to ALEC-supported legislative efforts to eliminate Social Security.

Charles Koch Won’t Vote Trump, Says Claim He’ll Vote Clinton is ‘Blood Libel’

“The first thing I want to do is correct a rumor that the media keeps stimulating, and that is that I’m probably going to support Hillary. That is a blood libel.”

Federal Courts Strike Down Texas and Wisconsin Vote Suppression Laws

"We conclude that that SB 14 has a discriminatory effect on minorities' voting rights in violation of Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act."

Kansas Republicans Employ Koch Propaganda To Abolish Public Schools

Kansas GOP calls public schools government schools to imply they indoctrinate children and interfere with individual's free choice.

Utah Mormon Attempts To Block A Monumental Gift To the American People

The Park Service is set to receive a 87,500 acre donation of pristine land in the Maine Woods from a non-profit organization. Republicans say NO!

Forget Terrorism, Republicans Are America’s Greatest Existential Threat

Americans face greater threats of extreme weather, seal level rise, water scarcity, heat waves, and wildfires, and biological systems disturbance.

Another Koch Acolyte Is Responsible for Illinois Economic Disaster

Governor Rauner's tax cuts amounted to a 25 percent reduction and ended efforts to preserve education, road repair, and social services’ funding.

Success GOP Style: America’s National Parks Are Going Corporate

"Relaxing the rules governing ‘corporate partnerships’ will ensure parks become commercialized” and “dependent on corporations to operate."

Here’s Why The Koch Brothers Are Going To Spend $42 Million To Keep Mitch McConnell In Power

The Koch brothers are no fans of Donald Trump, but there has been no bigger defender of their dark money corruption than Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, which is why the Kochs are dumping their cash into Senate races.

Corporate Media Failed To Report A Major Taxpayer Victory Against Corporate Polluters

This Circuit Court ruling will help ensure that the worst industrial polluters are on the hook for cleaning up their own contamination.

House Republicans Follow Orders And Advance Corrupt Bill To Protect The Koch Brothers

House Republicans have followed orders given to them by the Koch brothers and advanced a bill that would keep Koch political contributions a secret.

Tables Turned – A. G. Subpoenas Koch-Related Climate Deniers’ Documents

Republicans use subpoenas to terrorize climate scientists, but it is an infringement of their rights if the tables are turned.

Harry Reid Exposes The Koch Brothers As The Force Behind The GOP’s Obama Obstruction

Today on the Senate floor Reid accused Republicans of bowing to the Koch brothers with their SCOTUS blockade against Judge Merrick Garland.

Bernie Sanders Celebrates 2 Big Caucus Wins By Destroying Scott Walker In Wisconsin

Bernie Sanders wins Alaska and Washington

Bernie Sanders celebrated his two big caucus victories in Washington and Alaska by destroying Gov. Scott Walker and the Koch brothers during a rally in Madison, Wisconsin.

Trump Authorizes the Heritage Foundation To Nominate SCOTUS Justices

Trump embraced an organization as bigoted and racist as he is and authorized them to stack the Court with equally bigoted justices.

Obama Heeds Pentagon Concerns and Bans Atlantic Oil Drilling

To protect the environment and national security, President Obama heeded the Pentagon and banned Atlantic drilling.