Trump Unloads On Homeland Security Secretary Nielsen

President Donald Trump severely admonished Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen in front of his cabinet at a meeting this week, and she considered resigning as a result. According to attendees, Trump upbraided her for failing to stop illegal border crossings.   Nobody was surprised of course, because Trump has a history of attacking his own “best people” until they get so fed up that they quit.  He has had more turnover in his cabinet and White House staff during the first 18 months of his presidency than any other president in history.  The cause of the outburst was Trump’s frustration over an increase in apprehensions at the Mexican border.  He (unfairly) blamed Nielsen for failing to stop them, according to people at the meeting.

Nielsen apparently made the mistake of trying to use reason when discussing the issue with the president.  Observers say she attempted to explain to her boss that there were many complex issues involved.  She also tried to make him understand that the Homeland Security Department has legal restrictions which govern what she can and cannot do. read more