Trump Spends Labor Day Attacking US Workers

Trump marked Labor Day by attacking, not honoring, workers because he was hit with the reality that workers don't like him.

Tim Kaine Joins Joe Biden to Denounce Donald Trump’s Ivory Tower Economic Policies

"This stuff about growing an economy that works for everybody, we haven’t been sitting in an ivory tower looking out at the world; we’ve not ever been sitting in penthouses looking out at the world."

Harry Reid Celebrates Labor Day With a Call to Continue Supporting Workers

“Labor Day is a time to celebrate working Americans, the backbone of our economy, and remember the labor activists who fought for the many rights and protections we enjoy and deserve."

Donald Trump Celebrates Labor Day By Saying He’s Going to Create the Jobs Obama Already Created

"Labor Day is a long-standing tradition celebrating the American worker but with millions of Americans out of work, we must do something to get America back to work"

President Obama’s Open Letter to America’s Hardworking Men and Women

The president told Americans they "should be able to get ahead, retire with dignity, and leave something behind for the next generation."

Hillary Clinton Slams Republicans For Attacking The Bargain That Is The Backbone of America

Hillary Clinton labor day speech Chicago

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton took aim at Republicans for destroying economic opportunity for workers by undermining the basic American bargain that hard work is rewarded with success.

Obama Slams Republican Lies On Labor Day, “They Don’t Let Facts Or Evidence Get In The Way.”

obama speaks in boston on labor day

President Obama praised workers on Labor Day while calling out the lies of the Republican Party. The President all but called Republicans delusional on the economy and said, "They don't let facts or evidence get in the way."

An Angry Joe Biden Urges Workers To The Fight Corporate Barbarians Who Are Holding Them Down

Vice President Biden spoke before the Labor Day parade in Pittsburgh, PA, where he admitted that he is angry over the rich getting richer as workers get left behind. Biden also urged workers to stand up against the corporate "barbarians" that are holding them down.

Obama Stands Up For Working People With Promise To Veto The Republican Budget

obama veto Republican budget

President Obama celebrated Labor Day weekend with a promise to veto the Republican budget if it harms the middle-class.

Republicans Mocked Labor Day With War on Workers

Republicans, the Chamber of Commerce, and large corporations have made a mockery of the idea and purpose Labor Day was once celebrated regardless it is American workers that made America, and business, prosperous and successful.

Bernie Sanders Celebrates Labor Day By Taking Down the Koch Brothers

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is celebrating Labor Day weekend by standing up for unions and taking down the Koch Brothers.

A Holiday They Bled For: The True Patriots of Labor Day

Unions lend collective power to workers standing up to the entrenched power of corporations. You have the day off because some people died for your right to not be a slave.

He Bained That: Mitt Romney’s Vision for America’s Labor Day Future

A picture of worker abuse in the pursuit of corporate profits and vulture capitalism emerged that demonstrates Romney's contempt for American workers.

Labor Day: The Republican $400 Million Buy-Out

Happy American Labor Day Tea-partiers, Republicans and conservative Americans, today as you celebrate this American day off those un-American lazy bastards forced you to take!

Republicans Won’t Stop Their Assault on Unions Until Every State is Right-to-Work

Collective bargaining has been under attack. Now, the upcoming elections are hazardous as the GOP seeks to impose more right-to-work laws