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Republican Senator Slams Trump for Contradicting Medical Experts on Coronavirus

The coronavirus has continued to disrupt life in the United States as the epidemic appears to slow down in mainland China, and a Republican senator has advised President Donald Trump to “let the professionals do the talking” after the president continued to contradict medical professionals on the outbreak. Senator Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.), who chairs the Senate…


Compassionate Conservatives: 8 GOP Senators Blow Off The Unemployed In Their Own States

After Sen. Jim Bunning gave up his filibuster, the Senate quickly passed an extension of jobless benefits 78-19. All 19 of the no votes were from Republicans, and of those eight of them came from states that face higher than the national average unemployment rates and seven of these senators come from the South. This is the kind of ideologically driven vote that could come back to haunt Republicans in November.

Healthcare Summit

Healthcare Summit Turning into another Obama Slaughter of the Congressional GOP

Congressional Republicans and Democrats have converged on the White House for a day long summit on healthcare reform with President. If you thought that the Republicans would learn from the beating that Obama gave the House GOP when he spoke to them at their retreat a few weeks ago, you were wrong. Republicans are still sticking to their talking while letting the president make the case for healthcare reform.

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