Latinos Drove the Blue Wave As Turnout Rose 174 Percent in 2018

The 2018 midterm elections gave Democrats a net gain of 38 seats and control of the U.S. House of Representative. And as more election data comes in, it is apparent that this great success for Democrats was made possible by huge increases in voter turnout all over the country. read more

Trump Racism Backfires As Latino Voters Overwhelmingly Support Democrats

Donald Trump's politics of racism and division are backfiring as a new poll of Latino voters found that Trump has a 26% approval rating and that Latino voters want a Democratic Congress by a more than 3-1 margin.

Republicans Reeling From New Poll Showing Trump Has Destroyed The GOP Brand With Latinos

Trump is getting crushed 70%-19% with Latino voters, and he is on pace to receive a record low amount of Latino support, but what should give Republicans nightmares is the long-term damage that Trump is doing to the GOP brand with Latino voters.

Hillary Clinton Just Took A Giant Step Towards Turning Trump’s Biggest Fear Into Reality

The one thing that Donald Trump and the Republican Party fear more than anything else is a large and diverse electorate. Hillary Clinton is taking steps make those fears a reality by launching a nationwide voter registration drive for DREAMers.

Poll Of Latino Voters In Florida Shows A Disaster In The Making For Donald Trump

Donald Trump Florida

According to a new survey, less than 13 percent of Latinos plan to vote for the Republican nominee in November. Was it something he said?

Republican Convention Backfires As Trump Loses Support With Latino Voters

The Republican convention failed to win over Latino voters. The convention started with Clinton at +55 lead with Latino voters and ended with her at +63 lead. Thanks, Donald.

Democrats Surging As Hillary Clinton Is Destroying Donald Trump 74%-16% With Latinos

The Democratic surge against Trump is growing even bigger as a new poll shows Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump 74%-16% with Latinos.

Conservatives Freak Out – Call Spanish Language Debate ‘Pandering’

From cries of "Hispandering" to "English please" conservative pundits completely lost it when Spanish speakers were included by Democrats

GOP Collapse: 84% Of Latino Voters Say Republicans Are Hostile And Don’t Care About Them

In a new poll, 45 percent of Latino voters said the GOP was hostile towards Latinos, and 39 percent said the party didn't care about them.

Clinton Trounces Trump By 47 Points With Latino Voters, Leads 53-40 With All Voters

If Trump is the Republican nominee, his abysmal showing with Latino voters is almost certain to sink his candidacy in a general election.