Opinion: Three White Terrorist Arrests In One Week – Where’s Trump Outrage?

The response from the Trump administration to the dangers from homegrown white terrorists, or the arrest of three in one week, is non-existent.

Opinion: One Politician Shows How To Handle The Threats Of Blowhard Bully Trump

Trump blithely talked about destroying the career of a man who disagreed with Trump on a policy issue and Senator Leach is mad as hell about it.

Despite Capturing Manhattan Bombing Suspect, Trump Says Police Are “Afraid”

Trump got around to criticizing another demographic in America and this time chose to insult the professional law enforcement community.

To Enrich Big Pharma, FDA and DEA Deny Science on Medical Marijuana

It would be unreasonable, arbitrary and capricious for DEA to stand between sufferers and the benefits of this substance in light of the evidence.

Oregon Sheriff Offers To Aid Bundy Insurgency Escape Justice, Gets Lectured on Constitution

Sheriff Ward told Ammon Bundy he'd provide the armed criminals with adequate protection and safe escort out of state without risk of arrest

Police Would Have Massacred Texas Bikers If They Were Black

For the second time in a year, law enforcement officials held their violent aggression and hostility normally reserved for peaceful African Americans in check when a mass of armed white men began clubbing, stabbing, and shooting each other in Waco Texas.

President Obama Bans the Gifting of Some Military-Style Equipment to Police

democrats shouldn't stop Republican government shutdown

No more playing war on citizens with federally funded military-style equipment for local police. So says President Obama. Police need to have a "guardian", not a warrior, mind-set about their communities.

Baltimore Police Forced Students Off Buses and Likely Violated Their 4Th Amendment Rights

If mainstream media had reported what several school teachers and students' parents saw with their own eyes, the public would be aware that police inflamed the situation and in fact, deliberately herded young people into a crowd they could use their riot gear against. To make matters worse, police likely violated many of the so-called rioters' constitutional rights.

Fox News Host Sides With Killer Cops After Officers Charged In Death Of Freddie Gray

Fox News host Todd Starnes' immediate reaction to the breaking news that all six officers are being charged in the death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore was to accuse State's Attorney Marilyn J. Mosby of declaring war on law enforcement.

President Obama Acknowledges Ferguson’s Racist Police Practices Not An “Isolated Incident”

In a Friday morning interview, President Obama made it clear that Ferguson, Missouri's racist police practices are not unique.

Republicans Support And Defend Extremism Against America

Republicans are ardent defenders of right-wing extremists posing the greatest terrorism threat to the United  States and since they are loyal supporters of their so-called champions of freedom; what better way to protect the real threat to America than shut down the Department of Homeland Security?

President Obama Demonstrates Statesmanship to Republicans in Meeting Mexico’s President

President Obama and Mexican president, Enrique Peña Nieto, talked yesterday about various issues involving the two countries, including Cuba, immigration, drug war violence and border security

In 2014 America Abandoned Its Constitution And Devolved Into a Fascist Theocracy

Republicans in state after state spent the past year hastily passing legislation abolishing other Americans' 14th Amendment rights

Tennessee Woman In Body Armor Shoots Up Suburban Neighborhood

A middle-aged Tennessee woman is under arrest after she drove around a suburban Chattanooga neighborhood, inexplicably shooting at people.

Black Cops Feel Threatened By And Fear Other (White) Officers

Black New York City police officers admitted they are regularly racially profiled by white officers and worse

Blame N.Y. Officers Deaths On Convicted Criminal With A Gun, Not Obama

However, as Americans have witnessed more and more,  when police kill citizens, especially unarmed African American citizens, no one is held accountable and failure to praise the killings is an outrage.

Joe Scarborough Predictably Blames Protesters For Senseless Deaths Of Two NYPD Officers

During the Monday morning broadcast of Morning Joe, host Joe Scarborough delivered a monologue where he specifically blamed the protests over the Michael Brown and Eric Garner deaths for the shooting deaths of two NYPD officers.

Republicans Condemn North Korean Human Rights Violations While Ignoring Their Own

The hypocrisy of this nation co-sponsoring a resolution condemning anyone country for human rights abuses (torture) is beyond the pale. Particularly in light of the recent Senate Intelligence Report verifying what the world has known for several years; America is guilty of committing gross human rights abuses on its own citizens and "suspected terrorists" held in captivity.

Welcome to the Age of Authoritarianism – Sponsored by the 1 Percent

The 21st century is seeing the spread of the authoritarian principle that far from being the origin of authority, people must obey authority