Koch-Republicans Want the National Park Service’s 100th Anniversary to Be Its Last

The federal government's landholdings and control of water could be better used for ranching, mining or forestry through private ownership.

5 years ago

Mormon Republicans Continue Bundy’s War On Americans’ Public Lands

Mormon Rob Bishop (R-UT) wants to deliver America’s public lands, national parks, forests, and wilderness areas to Koch Industries’ control

6 years ago

Furious Oregon Rancher Warns Mormon Rebel Bundy To Keep Off His Land

When Bundy tore down a fence adjoining a rancher's property, the rancher, Tim Puckett, angrily denounced the action and repaired…

6 years ago

Following Mormon Trend Federal Judge Approves Uranium Mining In Grand Canyon

A federal judge has granted approval for a Canadian corporation to begin mining for uranium in the Grand Canyon National…

6 years ago

The Supreme Court Joins The Right Wing Attempt to Replace the Constitution With the Bible

The Supreme Court is likely not done facilitating theocratic tyranny or disabusing the people from their 1st and 14th Amendment…

8 years ago

Dysfunctional Republican Christians Vow To Destroy the First Amendment

Two-hundred and twenty-two years after the First Amendment was ratified, there is a large segment of the population that cannot…

8 years ago

Romney’s Greedy Drive to Divide Does Not a President Make

There are myriad reasons why Romney is unqualified to serve as president, but chief among them is his willingness to…

9 years ago

Mitt Romney is the Tip of the Republican Religious Extremist Spear

America's worst nightmare is a Romney presidency bolstered by conservative Christians in Congress and a bible-based Supreme Court.

9 years ago

Obama Exposed Romney as a Brat Who has Never Been Challenged or Corrected

Obama exposed Romney as a fraud because when his lies were stripped away, and the bully was smacked down, what…

9 years ago

Sorry Mitt, Science Not God Saved Ann Romney’s Smoking Airplane

Mitt Romney's statements about rolling down the window on the airplane show why America needs a leader who believes in…

9 years ago

Republican Islamophobes Shocked to Learn Romney’s More Muslim than Obama

It is curious that conservative evangelical Republicans are supporting Willard Romney when he belongs to a religion that has more…

9 years ago

Mitt Romney Hides His History of Profiting from Abortion

Mitt Romney outsourced Americans' jobs, shuttered companies after leveraging them with crushing debt, and earned nearly $50 million dollars disposing…

9 years ago

Right Wing Haters for Christ Vow To Repeal the Affordable Care Act

Now that the Supreme Court ruled the Affordable Care Act constitutional, right wing so-called Christians are out in force promising…

9 years ago

Romney’s Non-Answers Reveal a Weak Man Who Would Be a Weak President

There is little doubt that Romney avoids answering questions out of fear of alienating specific voters, but his reticence to…

9 years ago

Tax Exempt Cheats: The Mormon Church Egregiously Breaks the Law to Fund Mitt Romney

The Mormon Church has been engaging in egregious violations of the 501(c)(3) Charities and Churches of Political Activity Ban in…

10 years ago

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