Rand Paul Says You Don’t Have a Right to Pants

Rand Paul Says You Don’t Have a Right to Pants

If that's true, what Paul is saying is that I DO have the right to pursue happiness without my pants.

8 years ago

Libertarians Demonstrate That The GOP Isn’t The Only Clown Show In Florida Politics

Florida Libertarian Senate candidate August us Sol Invictus is bound to be an embarrassment for the Libertarian Party.

8 years ago

Rand Paul Super PAC Stops Raising Money for “Futile” Campaign

You can't blame Republicans for being confused by Paul. We just have to ask why they weren't confused earlier.

8 years ago

Rand Paul Is Trying To Fool The Left Into Thinking That He Is Their Friend

The same people that apparently hate the libertarian Koch brothers are looking on Rand Paul as a decent human being;…

9 years ago

Chris Christie Hammers Rand Paul As He Defends President Obama

Chris Christie went after Paul's libertarianism while defending Obama, igniting a war between the two sides of the Republican Party.

10 years ago

Romney’s Fail Causes Conservative Call to Vote for Ron Paul for Jesus

On the heels of Romney failing to consummate his relationship with conservatives properly, they are calling on their fellow Republicans…

11 years ago

Ron Paul in One Lesson: A Primer on Libertarianism

Quadrennial asterisk Ron Paul is once again displaying his Libertarian Wolf Boy exhibit at the Republican freak show, again prompting…

12 years ago