Koch Brothers Helped Incite the Impending Bloodbath Among Republicans

"If the party doesn’t learn lessons and change based on what’s gone on for the last year and a half, I think it’s going to be just catastroph[ic]."

Kansas Republicans Employ Koch Propaganda To Abolish Public Schools

Kansas GOP calls public schools government schools to imply they indoctrinate children and interfere with individual's free choice.

Rand Paul Is Trying To Fool The Left Into Thinking That He Is Their Friend

The same people that apparently hate the libertarian Koch brothers are looking on Rand Paul as a decent human being; a monumental error one expects moronic Republicans to make, but not anyone on the left.

All Politics Is Local: Recent Situation With Colorado Board Of Education Proves Old Saying

I think this may be a good time to reflect on a rather potent phrase that the late, great House Speaker Tip O'Neill used to say: "All politics is local."

With Nothing To Run On Republicans Blow Religious Dog Whistles

Republicans are big on dog whistle politics, particularly going into a midterm election where they have no apparent agenda to run on, and as is usually the case with Republicans, they are appealing to a dependable voting bloc that are rabid over socially conservative (read religious) issues.

Republicans Self Destruct By Moving To the Far Right After Cantor’s Loss

Republicans are convinced that tea partiers are enraged that establishment Republicans did not oppose President Obama over the past five years and that now they demand, and Republicans will deliver, unflinching opposition to the President.

Extremist On the Horizon: Dave Brat Fits In With Government Destroying House Republicans

Even though Brat appears to be an extremist outlier in the conservative movement, his outrage that Cantor voted to raise the debt ceiling and end the government shutdown is not outside the mindset of the majority of Republicans in Congress and it is down to Brat's economic ideology.

Koch Brothers Illegally Funnel Millions Into Campaign to Eliminate Pensions and Sick Pay

The Koch Brothers are are launching a nationwide campaign to eliminate public sector workers' wages, pensions, sick pay, workers' compensation.

Don’t Forget to Respect Your Elders; Unless Their Names are Charles and David Koch

The two most destructive influences on this country are the filthy rich Koch brothers, Charles and David. They have nothing to offer; period

America Has Never Faced The Threat Posed by the Koch Brothers and Congressional Republicans

The Founding Fathers were well aware that America could not survive without revenue to fund the government, but that is not the long term goal of the Koch brothers, Rafael Cruz, and Grover Norquist.

Republicans Hit a New Low By Making Obama’s Syria Success About Race

What Republicans are really angry about is the Black man in the Oval Office achieved a long-standing American, Middle East, and international goal without wasting one life or dollar of taxpayer money.

The Reality Challenged Libertarian Loving Far Left Looks to Sabotage Democrats in 2014

It is the anti-Obama agenda that unites the far left with their Libertarian friends and they cannot see the inherent danger in aligning with Rand Paul because he is united with their faux heroes.

Republicans Use Extortion In Their Latest Attempt to Transform America

The conservative movement has called for war on government to transform the nation to fit their vision, and they have used extortion to induce Republicans to use extortion to achieve their goals.

Detroit Sinks Deeper Into Hell As It Faces Right Wing Utopian Fantasies

Detroit faces austerity, vulture capitalists, and privatization as right wing ideologues pounce. Of course, no good will come of it.

Charles Koch Launches Campaign to Eliminate the Minimum Wage

Charles Koch has joined Republicans pushing to eliminate the nation's minimum wage. He implied that getting rid of minimum wage laws was the ultimate secret to lifting Americans out of poverty.

Republicans are Devolving and Trying to Drag Society Back With Them

Conservatives have rejected the idea of the country's progress into the 21st century and by their own admission, Republicans are devolving and attempting to drag the entire society backwards.

Inglorious Bastardization: The GOP’s Plan to Keep the Rich Rich and You Poor

All Americans must acknowledge that Republicans believes that the masses exist to enrich the wealthy and that the GOP as an institution are engaging in a new civil war, the makers versus the takers.

The People Vs ALEC: Fighting Back Against the Corporate Takeover of Democracy

ALEC has no idea of the destructive wave coming at them when the occupy movement and working Americans exert real and sustained pressure that would make Jefferson proud.

The Tea Party Apocalypse Is Upon Us

The Tea Party Apocalypse Is Upon Us

There are many potential or would-be leaders for the Tea Party craze - from libertarians to conservatives to Christian dominionists like Sarah Palin. It does not seem to be only conservatives lining up for tinfoil hats but libertarians with a fear of big government who have perhaps let their imaginations run away with them. The "New World Order" phenomenon is by no means limited to conservatives and Christian apocalyptic millenialists awaiting the return of Jesus but is embraced by some libertarians as well.

Mitt Romney Completely Dismisses Ron Paul’s CPAC Victory

Mitt Romney Completely Dismisses Ron Paul CPAC Victory

In an interview with Newsmax, Mitt Romney was asked about a growing libertarian movement within the GOP, and Ron Paul's victory in the CPAC straw poll. Romney managed to dismiss the defeat and also claim that, "I don't think there is a growing portion of Americans who are Ron Paul devotees." Romney completely dismissed Ron Paul and his CPAC straw poll victory.