Opinion: Trump Wants Churches To Be Taxpayer-Funded Republican Super PACs

Repealing the Johnson Amendment will create a loophole in campaign disclosure laws; nonpartisanship is a cornerstone principle that has strengthened the public’s trust of the charitable community.

Trump Helped Fracture The Religious Right – Not Break It

The fault lines among evangelicals that the election of 2016 has exposed are likely to reshape national politics for years to come.

The Religious Right Set Out to Conquer Our Sins, But Was Conquered by Trump’s Instead

Trump is a "leading representative of the reality-TV, sex-infused culture that Christians have been fighting against for a long, long time."

Liberty University Students Denounce Their School’s Support of Donald Trump

"A man who constantly and proudly speaks evil does not deserve our support for the nation’s highest office."

It’s OK for Trump to Cite Bible (Even Incorrectly) But Woe Unto Obama

Donald Trump is doing his best to kiss up to the Ted Cruz religious fanatic crowd, those who see America as a theocracy. Trump is a rock star among white supremacists but he wants to appeal not only to people who hate people on account of their skin color but who hate people on account of their religion, or their lifestyle. read more

Bernie Sanders Outrages Evangelical Republicans With The Idea Of A Socialist Jesus

Evangelicals are incensed by ideas of a socialist Jesus, but facts are facts - Jesus, like Bernie Sanders, championed the poor, not the rich

Bernie Sanders Goes Into The Lion’s Den and Tears Apart GOP Religious Hypocrites At Liberty

bernie sanders speaks at liberty university

In an amazing speech, Sen. Bernie Sanders went to Liberty University this morning and gave right-wing evangelicals a dose of progressive faith, and tore apart the hypocrisy of supposedly faith-based Republicans defending immoral economic policies.

American Taxpayers Fund the Largest Christian College In America and the World

Using taxpayer-funded federal aid is a critical part of Liberty University's business model to create a "uniquely Republican" education program

Jeb Bush Calls President Obama Intolerant On Religious Freedom

Speaking at Liberty University, Jeb Bush accused President Obama of being small-minded and intolerant on issues of "religious freedom."

Ted Cruz Says Accurately Quoting Him is Yellow Journalism

Ted Cruz, like every other Republican, hates being quoted, and it's never his fault that he said it, but the media's fault for reporting it

Ted Cruz Will Run First Campaign Ads During “Killing Jesus” Program On Easter Weekend

Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz will launch his first Campaign ads for the 2016 presidential campaign during Easter Weekend.

GOP Descends Into Madness As Ted Cruz Vaults Into Top Tier Of 2016 GOP Candidates

A PPP poll shows Ted Cruz pulling into contention with Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush.

Florida Republican Slayer Rep. Patrick Murphy Launches Bid To Take Rubio’s Senate Seat

Murphy's candidacy gives the Democrats strong odds of winning the Senate seat held by Republican Senator Marco Rubio.

The Republican Party Has Become a Haven For All Forms of Right Wing Extremism

The Pew survey should disabuse Americans of the notion that the teabagger or Republican movements are not havens for right wing extremism,.

Sarah Palin Disgraces History With Claim Adams and Jefferson Support Her War on Christmas

Sarah Palin's contention that Founding Fathers John Adams and Thomas Jefferson would join her in the war against the imagined war on Christmas is too much of an affront to American history.

The Republican Party’s Bad Character-Guy Culture

The NFL hates 'em, the GOP loves 'em: bad character guys. Who needs Nazis and the KKK? We already have the Republican Party.

Kirk Cameron Throws Stones at Gays But Says He is the Stoning Victim

Kirk Cameron has been stoning gays and lesbians but wants to present himself as the victim because people dared criticize his hate speech

Fundamentalists to Wear Condom to Protect Against Romney Mormonism

Christian fundamentalists are engaging in paroxysms of verbal acrobatics to account for Mitt Romney's Mormonism, donning a virtual condom to protect themselves