Linda Harvey

The World Wakes Haggis-Free, But Gay People Walk Among Us

The threat of oil-engorged Scottish armies marching roughshod over Europe and from there across the Atlantic to force a steady…

7 years ago

Warning! Anything You Say or Do Might be Persecuting Fake Christians

Lars Larson and C. Edmund Right are pretty sure that kiss persecuted them and worse, that it's a lot like…

8 years ago

The Religious Right’s Culture of Death

Linda Harvey complained that efforts by the CDC to prevent HIV with Truvada, a PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) drug, will lead…

8 years ago

Aberrochristians Say Gay Sex is Yucky and if We Lose that Yuck Factor, Civilization Dies

Linda Harvey says the "yuck factor" is a gift from God, a "basic instinct." When we think about gay sex…

8 years ago

The Religious Right Freaks Out Over West Point’s First Same-Sex Marriage

When West Point hosted its first gay marriage this past weekend, the Religious Right went bananas, talking about moral cliffs…

9 years ago

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