McDonald’s CEO Admits Obama’s Economy and Higher Wages Is A Rousing Success

The CEO of McDonald’s fast food chain, Steve Easterbrook, was pleased to announce that driven by the President’s push for higher wages and a growing economy, McDonald’s profits are up, employee turnover is lower, and customer satisfaction scores are higher. So much for the GOP’s lies that higher wages and employee benefits are business killers.

Republican Welfare Reform Pushed A Third Of America’s Children Into Extreme Poverty

The economy is growing for the extremely wealthy, but there were 3 million more children living in extreme poverty in 2013 than in 2008

Scott Walker Says Poverty Pay Is A Living Wage

It is likely that Walker's idea that poverty wages are living wages came directly from the Kochs, who see American workers as peasants

Bernie Sanders and 17 Senate Democrats Urge Obama To Use The Presidency To Help Workers

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and 17 Senate Democrats are urging President Obama to use his executive powers to help American workers.

Senate Cafeteria Cook Goes On Strike To Draw Attention To Low Wages

The U.S. government should only award federal contracts to companies that pay American workers a living wage.

New Report: Taxpayers Subsidize $153.8 Billion In Corporate Profits Due To Low Wages

If American taxpayers realized their largesse was going to those who need it least, highly-profitable corporations, they would likely put an end to their generous ways in a heartbeat.

More Shame – Over Half Of Public School Students Live In Poverty

Instead of any real measures or support to address the crushing income disparity between the 1% and the rest of the population, Republicans are proposing harsher measures to shift more wealth to the rich at the expense of those who need it most; families with children.

Scott Walker Joins the Republican Crusade Denigrating Americans’ Work Ethic

During a debate with his Democratic gubernatorial opponent last week, Koch loyalist Scott Walker took the time to insult Wisconsin workers he claimed are responsible for being stuck earning poverty wages.

Always Evil Walmart Increases Profits While Cutting Employee Benefits

40% of America's wealth is not enough for the Walton's or their investors so Walmart took steps to increase their riches by taking more from their horribly underpaid workforce and subsequently American taxpayers; particularly those living in "Blue" states who will have to take up the slack.

Gov. Scott Walker Says $7.25 Per Hour is a Living Wage

According to the Department of Workforce Development, "there is no reasonable cause to believe that the wages paid to the complainants are not a living wage"

How Much Would You Pay for the Good Society? Where the Income Inequality Debate Can Take Us

If we were able to ask the average American if s/he would be willing to pay $12.50 annually so that thousands upon thousands of people who work for a living might stand a chance of meeting their basic needs, I wonder how s/he would respond?

Republicans Mocked Labor Day With War on Workers

Republicans, the Chamber of Commerce, and large corporations have made a mockery of the idea and purpose Labor Day was once celebrated regardless it is American workers that made America, and business, prosperous and successful.

As Promised, Obama Uses His Mighty Pen to Set a Minimum Wage for Federal Contractors

President Obama vowed during his State of the Union address to take to pen and phone to do what he legally can do without Congress, and today he took action on that promise.

Stop Complaining Republicans, the Minimum Wage Should be $22.62 an Hour

Republicans who are wont to claim they speak for all Americans say the people oppose higher wages, but if the minimum wage kept pace with the top 1%, it would be $22.62 an hour.

For Many Americans There is Little To Be Thankful For On Thanksgiving

There are plenty of things for all Americans to be thankful for, but sadly, a substantial segment of the population has little reason to be grateful on this official "day of thanksgiving."

Low Wage Work Rebellion May Finally Bring Down Our Poverty Rate

People should not work full-time for wages that put them below the poverty line, but it is all too common. Now, they're taking a stand.

Mike Huckabee Renews Assault on Sanity of a Living Wage

Huckabee complains that it is easy to spend somebody else's money; it is apparently far easier from his perspective to starve somebody else

What the Republicans Don’t Want You To Know About Healthcare And Prosperity

Republicans don't want you to know this, but that there are ways to provide ordinary citizens with healthcare and prosper while doing it.

Can Government Pick Up Where Unions Left Off?

With union power waning, governments are implementing workers' rights. It's time to build a national movement built on grassroots efforts.

Republicans To Spend August Recess Promoting Poverty Creating Policies

Republicans will spend three weeks promoting the policies that drove 4 out of 5 Americans into unemployment, near or at poverty, or reliance on government assistance.