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Steve Bannon Lauds Anti-Vax Protesters Who Shut Down Los Angeles Vaccination Center

Joe Biden has made it his mission to vaccinate 100 million people during his first 100 days in office. One…

2 years ago

Ten Thousand Take to the Streets to Protest Donald Trump in Los Angeles

Freeway on and off ramps were closed as protesters marched from MacArthur Park to the Federal Building in downtown L.A.…

6 years ago

California In A “State of Emergency” But Fossil Fuel Industry Says Methane Gas Is Safe

SoCalGas has the temerity to demand that its sick and dislocated customers absorb another rate increase to pay for damage…

7 years ago

Porter Ranch California Disaster Darkens Holiday…What About Watts?

The predominately working poor neighborhood of Watts is still enduring their own man-made disaster since 2000 and maybe earlier

7 years ago

Obama Explains Why A Congress Still Investigating Benghazi Refuses to Pass Gun Laws

When you ask yourself why we have a Congress that will conduct a several years long investigation into a made-up…

7 years ago

If You’re Keeping Score, Add The LA Riots To List Of Things Bill O’Reilly Has Lied About

On Thursday evening, The Guardian published a report claiming six people who worked with Fox News host Bill O'Reilly during…

8 years ago

CDC Director Smacks Down Republican’s Idiotic ‘Immigrants Brought Measles’ Theory

Preventing measles in America doesn't require more troops on the border, it requires putting more vaccination needles in our children.

8 years ago

Coast To Coast: Thousands Of People Across The Nation Protest In Solidarity With Ferguson

Thousands of protesters in 170 American cities participated in rallies and marches Tuesday night to not only show their solidarity…

8 years ago

A Tireless President Obama Urges His Base To Stay Positive And Get Out the Vote

President Obama warned Democrats about the importance of getting out the vote in the upcoming November 4th midterm elections, in…

8 years ago

Japadog: A Disgusting Fusion of Corporate and Ethnic Racism

Japadog? Really? Is The Los Angeles Times really promoting racism by playfully using a racist slur in their headlines to…

9 years ago

The War On Christmas is in Full Effect at Fox with Todd Starnes as the Little Drummer Boy

Well, since we are now past Thanksgiving, Fox News and its website, Fox Nation, are now all in on the…

9 years ago

Taking Back the House, Vol. 16: Paul Cook and California’s 8th District

This is the sixteenth edition of a research project at PoliticusUSA known as Taking Back the House. The purpose of…

9 years ago

Stop-and-Frisk is Back, So If You’re Black, Assume the Position

NYC's stop-and-frisk program was going to start seeing reforms including oversight and cameras on patrol, but a federal court has…

9 years ago

Right-Wing Madness Stalks Government Officials at LAX

On the very first day of November, a right winged anti-government man walked into the Los Angeles' LAX Airport Terminal…

9 years ago

Detroit is the New Conservative Wet Dream

With entire swaths of Detroit uninhabited, some white knights are swooping in and buying up empty lots, parking lots and…

10 years ago

The Conservative LA Times: ‘The only thing he (Romney) really stands for is his own election’

The LA Times writes that Romney's ever-changing positions leave the impression that 'the only thing he really stands for is…

10 years ago

How Will Taxed California Fare During This Heatwave?

But even with the worries of another possible firestorm, because California taxed itself, we managed to protect ourselves a lot…

11 years ago