Trump’s Assault On the First Amendment Takes Root In Public Louisiana High School

In a tweet, Shaun King shared a chilling announcement from a public high school principle in Louisiana. It’s the first indication that Trump’s attack on the first amendment is taking root. read more

Opinion: Workers Have To Wear Battle Armor To Safely Remove White Supremacist Monument

"Due to safety concerns, we believed it was very important to take all necessary precautions to protect the safety of all personnel involved in the operation.”

Republican Senator Torn To Shreds At Town Hall Over His Support For Betsy DeVos

Bill Cassidy

Republicans are learning that they can't defend the indefensible.

Republicans Make Louisiana’s Poor Pay For Jindal’s Economic Damage

Republican legislators will eliminate what little money the poor subsist on and raise the state’s sales tax by 25 percent through 2018

Billions of Dollars in the Red, Louisiana Has Been Destroyed by Bobby Jindal

Starting a new job can be an exhilarating experience, especially when that new position is at the wishes and consent of millions of voters. However, for Louisiana’s new governor, John Bel Edwards (D), whatever exhilaration might exist at being chosen to run the state likely turned to fright and despair when he realized just how devastating was the severe budget crisis left him by his predecessor. It is an all-too-common story in America: a Republican administration inherits a surplus and directly sends the economy into free-fall by racking up colossal deficits, and then a Democrat has to spend their time and energy cleaning up what is always an economic disaster. read more

Democratic Candidate John Bel Edwards Unloads On David Vitter During Louisiana Debate

Telling the truth about Republican David Vitter is Democrat John Bel Edwards' best weapon in the Louisiana Governor's race.

Louisiana’s GOP Lt. Governor Endorses Democrat Edwards – Not David Vitter

Reince Priebus says David Vitter is the exemplar of Louisiana principles; Lt. Gov. Jay Dardenne says that man is Democrat John Bel Edwards

Democrats Lead In 2 Of 3 Southern Governor’s Races At Stake in 2015

Three Southern U.S. states have Governors races in 2015, and Democrats are poised to win two of them.

Fed Up With Vitter and Jindal, Louisiana Voters Might Elect Democratic Governor

Democrat John Bel Edwards is in a strong position to capitalize on the GOP's failure, in order to become Louisiana's next Governor.

Bombshell Report Reveals That The Kochs Profited From The Misery Of Katrina Victims

The Bridge Project released a report documenting the Kochs' role in compounding the impact of Katrina, while profiting from the storm.

Bobby Jindal Urges President Obama Not To Mention Climate Change On Katrina Anniversary

obama jindal

Bobby Jindal sent a letter to President Obama, requesting that the president not talk about climate change on Katrina's 10th anniversary.

Planned Parenthood Strikes Back At Religious Bully Bobby Jindal

Jindal has refused to expand Medicaid in Louisiana, depriving thousands of healthcare, but says Planned Parenthood disrespects human life

Fox News’ Inability to See White Men with Guns a Danger to Us All

A party that invents "facts" and then claims all future discourse must be based on their fictional evidence should not be allowed on TV

Another Mass Shooting, but GOP Makes it Clear Some Lives Don’t Matter

Bill O'Reilly will not call for a law to protect movie-goers from white men carrying handguns in theaters. Because Second Amendment rights

Be Afraid Republicans As Bernie Sanders Is Set To Strike In Red State Louisiana

After drawing tens of thousands of supporters in red states Texas and Arizona, the presidential campaign of Bernie Sanders has announced that they will be rallying in Louisiana this weekend.

Bobby Jindal Has Decided To Let The GOP Be The Stupid Party After All

A little over two years ago, after Democrat Barack Obama soundly defeated Republican Mitt Romney in the 2012 presidential election, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal admonished fellow Republicans to “stop being the stupid party”. Jindal’s comments were not only directed at Mitt Romney’s politically tone deaf presidential campaign, but also at insensitive GOP Senate candidates like Todd Akin (MO) and Richard Mourdock (IN) who suffered humiliating defeats in red state races after making inexplicable and unconscionable comments about rape. read more

Thwarted By House Committee, Jindal Imposes Religion on Louisiana by Executive Order

In one stroke of his pen, perversely pretending to be a defender of the First Amendment,Jindal turned Louisiana into a theocracy.

Job Killing GOP Governors Have Resumes That Should Disqualify Them From Being President

Governors Walker, Christie, and Jindal have demonstrated that they are job killers, not job creators.

Defiant Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal Says He Will Stand Firm On Opposing Gay Marriage

Louisiana Republican Governor Bobby Jindal penned a defiant op-ed in The New York Times, defending his opposition to gay marriage.

Apparently, Refusing to Stone Gays Means You’re Not a Christian

Of course, the pastor saying this also needs to be stoned for not following the Law of Moses