GOP War On Gays Rages On As Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal Plans To Sign Anti-Gay Bill

Louisiana GOP Governor Bobby Jindal announced that he intends to sign the "Louisiana Marriage and Conscience Act" into law.

Bryan Fischer Says Only Satan Could Have Made Megyn Kelly Disagree with Bobby Jindal

Megyn Kelly dared question Bobby Jindal on his Islamophobia, and was promptly accused by Bryan Fischer of being blinded by Satan

Massive School Layoffs, Healthcare, Food Stamp Cuts Populate Scott Walker’s Koch Budget

scott walker emails

Scott Walker's budget epitomizes the Koch-Republican "vision for America" and not at all unique among states ruled by Koch-governors with Republican legislatures. In Wisconsin, because Walker has driven the state's deficit over the $2 billion mark with tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy, he intends on slashing yet another $300 million from the University of Wisconsin system over two years, and for fun will make seriously Draconian cuts to health care and food stamps.

GOP Governors Slash Education To Grow Their Ignorant Base 

Because Republicans depend on "the widespread ignorance of objective reality," their fascist threat to democracy is only succeeding due to the abundance of ignorance and gross stupidity of America's uneducated citizenry. Subsequently, Republicans are building on their success and slashing education funding at a record pace to produce an entire population of stupid conservative voters.

Supply Side Nightmare As Bobby Jindal Pushes Louisiana Into The Fiscal Abyss

Bobby Jindal's Louisiana is facing a 1.6 billion dollar budget shortfall next year, and comparable deficits for the years to come.

The Republican Cult of the Penis Has Replaced Christianity

The GOP has concocted a religion that has nothing to do with Jesus and everything to do with what you do with your reproductive organs

Bobby Jindal’s Prayer Rally Has Just Become a Demonic No-Go Zone

We are told angels will guard the site of Jindal's prayer rally and turn it into a "no-go zone for demons in the name of Jesus."

Tea Party Congressman Steve King Compares Embattled GOP Whip To Jesus Christ

As Steve Scalise struggles to distance himself from David Duke, EURO and his involvement with a racist conference twelve years ago, he has found at least one ally who will vouch for his character -- Rep. Steve King (R-IA).

GOP House Leader Was Honored Guest Speaker At White Supremacist Conference

This week it was revealed that the third ranking Republican in the House of Representatives is guilty of pandering to a white supremacist extremist organization founded by former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard David Duke.

Republican Kasich Forces Public Schools To Partner with Religion Or Lose Taxpayer Funding

Ohio Governor John Kasich made that "religious extremist duty" mandatory in Ohio. Kasich issued a statement through a spokesman informing Ohio schools that if they fail to align with Christian organizations, they will lose funding.

Jon Stewart: Bobby Jindal Bashing Obama Is “Like Watching A Non-Jedi Try A Jedi Mind Trick”

Jon Stewart took both Bobby Jindal and Mitt Romney to school over their complaints regarding President Obama's upcoming executive orders on immigration.

Bold Democrat Mary Landrieu Should Be Truthful About KeystoneXL

It may have been Democrat Howard Dean who said not long ago that if given a choice between voting for a Republican, or a Republican-lite, voters of both parties will always opt for the real Republican; because they cannot trust a Democrat pandering for votes as a Republican. It is a lesson Senator Mary Landrieu, and soon-to-be-former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, would do well to heed.

The Media Finally Catches On That Democrats Are Running The Better Senate Campaigns

Don't look now, but even the mainstream corporate controlled media are catching on that Democrats are running more effective Senate campaigns than Republicans.

Bobby Jindal Shows His Stupidity By Calling Obama Administration ‘Science Deniers’

Jindal is not only "acting" stupid about the reality of evolution and climate change, he is also feigning ignorance of America's ascension as the biggest coal, oil, and natural gas producers and exporters in the world.

GOP Rep Who Claims Senate Is Harry Reid’s Plantation Doesn’t Want To Be Kicked ‘Like A Slave’

In an article published Tuesday in the E&E Daily, a Beltway publication devoted to environmental and energy issues, Rep. Bill Cassidy (R-LA) stated that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid "runs the Senate like a plantation."

In A Victory for Public Education Judge Says NC School Vouchers Are Unconstitutional

The judge, Superior Court Judge Robert Hobgood, identified the Republican legislation, "Opportunity Scholarship Program," as a scam to "siphon money from the public schools in favor of private schools and allows funding of non-public schools that discriminate on account of religion."

Bobby Jindal Thinks Dumbing Down America Will Make GOP Look “More” Smarter

Jindal says Common Core is a federal plot to takeover education, as though the Founding Fathers didn't support the public funding of education.

Bobby Jindal Signs Latest Blow in War on Women in Louisiana Church

America becomes less America and more Afghanistan with each passing day Republicans remain in control at any level of government.

The Republican Party Shows Its True Colors by Embracing Racist Homophobe Phil Robertson

Republican leaders went all-in for religion, religious liberty, and a very heavy emphasis on god courtesy of Duck Dynasty's resident homophobe Phil Robertson.

ALEC Spearheads Effort To Steal From Employees to Give to Corporations

There is a concerted effort to raid public sector employee pensions to give corporations and the wealthy tax breaks that was the purview of Republicans but is gaining support among some state-level Democrats.