Republican Comparisons of Iraq and Vietnam Are Completely False and Hypocritical

If the Republicans win the White House in 2016, any new troop commitment to Iraq would be celebrated by Fox News rather than condemned.

Victory for Democracy as Wisconsin and Texas Voter ID Laws Come Tumbling Down

Democracy called checkmate against Scott Walker's attempt to rig Wisconsin's vote, while a Federal Court slapped down Greg Abbott's attempt to suppress votes in Texas.

Marco Rubio Embarrasses Himself By Claiming Marriage Is the Solution To Poverty

Rubio, as an anti-poverty crusader, is nearly as hysterical as Reagan, and so was his contention that opposite sex marriage is the solution to poverty.

The Unfair Tax Exemption for Politically Active Churches Must End

There is a simple solution that will satisfy the Christian churches and the secular groups suing for equality, and it is simply stripping the tax-exempt status from all churches.