David Frum Describes How the Biases of Mainstream Media Pundits Benefit Trump

"The worse he does, the more eagerly the pundit seeks something to praise. We’ve all experienced this. 'There has to be something good to say about Trump.'"

Mainstream Media Ignores Majority Vote Against Trump By Hiring More Pro-Trump Commentators

54% of voters voted against Trump, so the mainstream media's answer to the majority rejecting the president-elect is to try to hire more pro-Trump commentators.

Trump Surrogate Jeffrey Lord Tells CNN Black Lives Matter to Blame for Nazis

"The left, whether it's Black Lives Matter or La Raza...Groups that identify themselves by race provoked this group to identify by race"

Maybe Now the Media Will Do Its Job After Helping Elect Trump

The news media really has a very simple job; report the truth even if it is reporting the truth that a presidential candidate is a liar.

Paul Krugman Scolds the Media – Demands They Do Their Job

Reporting that doesn’t accurately reflect the huge honesty gap between the candidates misleads readers, giving them a distorted picture that favors the biggest liar.”

Bumbling Donald Trump Provokes Mainstream Media into Calling Out His Birther Lies

Donald Trump has been called, and Paul Krugman says, "I suspect Donald Trump is feeling a bit sandbagged right now."

Only In a Patriarchy Is Anthony Weiner’s Sexting Is a Presidential Campaign Issue

Claiming a woman can be held accountable for a man’s indiscretions, and that they are “not off limits” in a campaign is beyond irresponsible.

Trump Claims ‘Media Pile on Against Me…Worst in American Political History’

"It is being reported by virtually everyone, and is a fact, that the media pile on against me is the worst in American political history!"

More Trouble for GOP as Mainstream Media Debates Trump’s Mental Health

Reactions to an American president who not only says but does things from a position of apparent insanity, can never mean good things for the United States

Trump Says ‘No Big Deal!’ But Cruz Just Kicked the Rotting Corpse of the Republican Party

To turn one of the GOP's favorite misogynist tropes around on them, what did Trump think was going to happen?

The Republican Plan to Defeat the Islamic State is More Empty Bluster

The Republicans are whining a lot about the president's address Sunday night, but they're not offering useful ideas, just whine and bluster

Times Editorial Mocks ‘Daffy’ Republican Debate Demands While NBC Grabs its Ankles

cnbc republican debate

The response of the mainstream media to Republican debate demands is varied, from the Times' mocking to NBC's offer to make grab their ankles

Paul Ryan To Spew More of the Same Old on Five Sunday News Shows

"We are wiping the slate clean," we are told by Paul Ryan, which means the same "screw America" agenda advanced by a new face

Ivanka Trump Excuses Her Father’s Racism by Saying He is “Very Blunt”

What Ivanka needs to realize is that it is not that her father is blunt, but that the content of his speech is both racist and misogynist

Millions Of Dollars In Ads Backfire As Jeb Bush Sinks In New Hampshire Polls

After a 4.8 million dollar Pro-Bush ad blitz in New Hampshire, Jeb's polling numbers have moved in the wrong direction, dipping 0.3 percent.

CBS News Only Mainstream Media Outlet Sunday to Ignore Benghazi Whistleblower Podliska

Everyone ought to be talking about Major Bradley Podliska, and everyone did Sunday, except for CBS News, which preferred Donald Trump lies

Gallup: Americans’ Trust in Media Remains at Historical Low

Americans' trust in mass media has been falling since 2004 and this year "ties the historical lows on this measure set in 2014 and 2012."

The Media Tries To Write Trump’s Political Obituary, But He Refuses To Go Away

Despite the media's attempt to spin it as a fatal blow, Trump's feud with Fox's Megyn Kelly has not hurt him with Republican voters.

Election 2016 – The Attack of the Republican Clones

Too much can be made of the plethora of Republican candidates for 2016 - after all, they are all virtually clones of one another

Fox News Claims Hillary Less Ethical, But Public Gives Her High Ratings on Every Issue

Fox News seems to want to wish away Hillary Clinton, but even their numbers cannot disguise that the public still approves of Hillary Clinton