To Enrich Big Pharma, FDA and DEA Deny Science on Medical Marijuana

It would be unreasonable, arbitrary and capricious for DEA to stand between sufferers and the benefits of this substance in light of the evidence.

Scientists Discover Another Marijuana Miracle – Combating Alzheimer’s

*The following is an opinion column by R Muse*

Despite the myriad advances of medical science over the past two centuries, human beings still fall victim to a wide variety of diseases, sickness, and epidemics; even in a technologically-advance nation like America. Of course all diseases, conditions and infirmities are brutal, but one that is extraordinarily so is Alzheimer’s; that deadly chronic neurodegenerative disease that slowly, but fundamentally, shuts down the brain and eventually the life of its victim. read more

Eric Holder Says It’s Time To Talk Marijuana Decriminalization

Holder says, “You know, we treat marijuana in the same way that we treat heroin now, and that clearly is not appropriate”

Reefer Sanity – Bernie Sanders Calls For Ending Federal Marijuana Regulations

bernie sanders univison

Sanders wants to overhaul federal marijuana policy and open the door for states to legalize marijuana without federal interference.

Federal Judge Blasts DEA’s Illegal Practice of Prosecuting Legal Medical Marijuana Use

Judge Charles R. Breyer said that the DEA's interpretation of the bipartisan medical marijuana bill "defied logic and language"

Five More Marijuana Studies Debunk Carly Fiorina’s Ignorant Reefer Madness Mindset

One thing is certain, if Fiorina's knowledge, or lack thereof, of the tremendous medical advances and research verifying the many, many medical benefits of cannabis is anything like her knowledge of running a giant tech business, it is no wonder she is an epic failure.

President Obama’s Big Step To Expedite Medicinal Marijuana Research

The good news and a possibly huge step forward for Americans suffering from a plethora of ailments, diseases, and disorders, was hailed by marijuana reform advocates because the President eased restrictions on cannabis research.

Oregon Initiative Is A Blueprint For National Marijuana Legalization

Regardless what one thinks about marijuana use, whether for recreational purposes or for its many medicinal applications, the time has come to seriously consider putting an end to its criminalization nationwide.

The Right of Self Defense in Texas Completely Depends on Race

The Texas cases are telling in that there are two dead police officers as a result of not identifying themselves as law enforcement while breaking into private residences in the early morning hours. It is also revealing that a grand jury found that a white man who shot and killed what he thought was an armed intruder acted in self-defense, while a Black man in identical circumstances is charged by a prosecutor with capital murder and faces the death penalty.

Marijuana is Illegal Because It Is a Major Source of Funding For Law Enforcement

Law enforcement officials have been staunch opponents of legalizing the weed for personal or medicinal use because as contraband, it is a major source of funding for law enforcement.

Rand Paul Claims Marijuana Takes Away Your Incentive To Work

Sen. Rand Paul went on Fox News Sunday and told a pretty big lie about marijuana. He claimed, with zero evidence, that marijuana takes away your incentive to work.