Marsha Blackburn

Opinion: Putin Shows Us Where GOP’s Hateful Rule Will Take Us If We Don’t Defend LGBTQ Rights

We must recognize the authoritarian threat directly and clearly, and highlight the continuities between Putin’s anti-LGBTQ politics and those in…

9 months ago

“If You’re Attacking Me, You’re Attacking Science” Dr. Fauci Rips Into Marsha Blackburn and Other GOP Lawmakers [VIDEO]

Slowly but surely, the fight against COVID-19 is coming to an end. A fair amount of people in the country…

1 year ago

Tenn. Senator Marsha Blackburn Is in a Twitter Feud With a Chinese Journalist

Marsha Blackburn has always been one of the more bombastic lawmakers on the hill. Her opinions can draw strong reactions…

2 years ago

Ted Lieu Roasts TN Sen. Marsha Blackburn Over Her Ignorance of the Constitution

Today was Constitution Day in the United States. Donald Trump celebrated the event by giving an incredibly sleepy speech at…

2 years ago

Taylor Swift May Help Democrat Win in Tennessee Senate Race

Could Taylor Swift be responsible for giving Democrats control of the U.S. Senate? After The New York Times  released a…

4 years ago

Taylor Swift Asks Fans to Vote Against Marsha Blackburn in Tennessee

Pop music superstar Taylor Swift broke her long-held public political silence in an Instagram post Sunday night, encouraging her followers…

4 years ago

The Senate Is Slipping Away From Republicans As Democrats Lead In Arizona And Tennessee

Two new polls show Democratic US Senate candidates leading Republican in the contests for the open Senate seats in Tennessee…

4 years ago

Republicans Just Got A New Big Problem As Democrats Are In Position To Flip Tennessee Senate Seat

Popular Democratic Gov. Phil Bredesen is leading Republican Rep. Marsha Blackburn by 2-4 points in a new poll of the…

4 years ago

Terrified GOP Begging Bob Corker Not To Retire As Deep-Red Tennessee Could Go Blue

Trump cheerleader and frontrunner for the nomination, Rep. Marsha Blackburn, could lose the seat for Republicans and possibly hand the…

5 years ago

GOP Planned Parenthood Inquisition Expands To Punish Research Scientists

Those being burned at the stake are our scientists who hold lifesaving medical breakthroughs in their hands.

7 years ago

Democrats Demand That Paul Ryan Shut Down Planned Parenthood Investigation

After the deaths at the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood clinic, Democrats in Congress are demanding that Speaker of the House…

7 years ago

GOP Ready For Another Defeat as Rep. Blackburn Will Lead Abortion Investigation

U.S. GOP Rep Marsha Blackburn (TN-7) will head a select investigative panel on "big abortion providers".

7 years ago

Republicans Fooled Americans Again To Eliminate Women’s Reproductive Rights

Instead of introducing legislation to create jobs, or help Americans struggling in an economy created for the benefit of the…

8 years ago

Republicans Busted For Hyping Ebola While Blocking Obama Surgeon General Nominee

Republicans were busted on the Meet The Press and Face The Nation for hyping Ebola fears while refusing to confirm…

8 years ago

Republican Living in Fantasyland Accuses Obama of Living in Fantasyland

Marsha Blackburn says, "Words matter, actions matter . . . You can't just go say [we've] changed all the rules,"…

8 years ago

Bill Nye Pummels Republican Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn In Climate Change Debate

The Meet The Press climate change debate wasn't much of a debate at all as The Science Guy Bill Nye…

9 years ago

They Were Born That Way: Is This John Boehner’s ENDA?

John Boehner's reaction in not wanting to hold a vote on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act legislation is still wrong.

9 years ago

Tea Party – Pee on America and Call this Experiment in Democracy Over

Who, precisely, we must ask ourselves, are Cruz and Paul and others fighting for if it is not the American…

9 years ago

The GOP’s Screw the Economy and Let’s Screw Women Policies

Republicans complain about government interference in our lives, all the while trying to turn America into one of the most…

9 years ago

The GOP’s version of VAWA Should be called the Defense of Violence Against Women Act

The House GOP's watered down version of the VAWA is more about preserving their bigotry than anything about protecting women…

10 years ago