Martha Raddatz

ABC’s Martha Raddatz Suggests Biden Used Hate Speech As Corporate Media Defends Fascists

ABC's Martha Raddatz suggested that Biden used hate speech in remarks calling out the MAGA GOP as fascists.

3 months ago

Retired Four Star General Says Trump is ‘Dishonest’ and ‘Immoral’

One of America’s most accomplished and highly-respected former generals said yesterday that President Donald Trump is “immoral” and he wouldn’t…

4 years ago

Bernie Sanders Busts The Media For Pushing Trump Lies About The Recount

When ABC News's Martha Raddatz pushed a Trump lie about the recount to Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Sanders shot back…

6 years ago

ABC’s This Week Busts Netanyahu For Fearmongering Over Obama Iran Nuclear Deal

ABC's This Week immediately busted Netanyahu during their interview for his favorite talking point that President Obama supports a deal…

8 years ago

Bill Kristol Responds To His Own Lewinsky/Hillary Clinton Conspiracy Theory With Benghazi

This Sunday on ABC's This Week, host Martha Raddatz had a panel discussion about the recent reemergence of Monica Lewinsky.…

9 years ago

What Last Night’s Debate Tells us About How Team Romney Sees Women

Paul Ryan made clear last night that he wants his religious beliefs to inform our decisions, while claiming it is…

10 years ago