Try Not To Laugh Out Loud As Top Republican Calls Donald Trump A Racial Healer

Fallin Trump is a racial healer

Try not to laugh out loud as Gov. Mary Fallin (R-OK) calls Donald Trump the candidate of racial healing.

Oklahoma Republicans Are One Signature Away From Banning Abortion

Oklahoma evangelical Republicans force doctors to give patients deceptive and unscientific advice just to keep their medical licenses.

John Boehner Shares his Scott Walker-Like Delusions About Foreign Policy

You might remember how John Boehner went all Stepford-like on Fox News Sunday and screamed that he was going to shutdown Homeland Security, and oh by the way it’s all Obama’s fault? If you didn’t watch the entire interview, you missed a few other Boehner nuggets. read more

Boehner Plucks OK Gov. Mary Fallin to Repeat his Keystone XL Lies in Weekly Address

In the final analysis this is government of, by, and for the people, not a group of oil-drenched Koch-whores in Congress

Actual Religious Freedom Creates an Anti-First Amendment Firestorm in Bible Belt

The Religious Right, which regularly mocks and profanes the beliefs of others, thinks other religions should be banned from mocking and profaning theirs