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Bold Democrat Mary Landrieu Should Be Truthful About KeystoneXL

It may have been Democrat Howard Dean who said not long ago that if given a choice between voting for…

9 years ago

Democratic Senator Completely Annihilates Fox News’ Keystone XL Pipeline Talking Points

During his appearance on Fox News Sunday, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) shut down host Chris Wallace's attempt to get him…

9 years ago

Senate Democrats Betray Their Supporters By Scheduling A Vote On Keystone XL

In a move that mirrors their failed midterm election strategy, Senate Democrats are trying save Sen. Mary Landrieu's job by…

9 years ago

Sen. Mary Landrieu Bravely Calls Out Southern Republican Obama Race Based Hate

In the middle of a tough reelection campaign, Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) bravely told the truth about the race based…

9 years ago

GOP Rep Who Claims Senate Is Harry Reid’s Plantation Doesn’t Want To Be Kicked ‘Like A Slave’

In an article published Tuesday in the E&E Daily, a Beltway publication devoted to environmental and energy issues, Rep. Bill…

9 years ago

Republicans Freak Out After Polls Show Democrats Leading 3 Out of 4 Senate Races

Republicans are freaking out after new polls showed Democrats leading or tied in four key Southern Senate races.

9 years ago

The ACA Becomes Democratic Weapon as Sen. Mary Landrieu Uses It to Destroy GOP Opponent

In the key state of Louisiana, Sen. Mary Landrieu isn't running away from Obamacare. She is using the ACA as…

9 years ago

Background Checks Are Back: Reid Says Only 3 More Republicans Needed to Pass

Senate Democrats are bullish on background check legislation, they only need 3 more Republicans. There are 4 Republicans being targeted…

10 years ago