Family of Texas School Shooting Suspect Says He Was Bullied and Afraid to Go to Class

The family of Texas school shooting suspect Timothy George Simkins says he was often bulli,” that he was robbed on at least one occasion, and that he was afraid to go to school.

“He was scared; he was afraid,” said Carol Harrison Lafayette, who is acting as a spokesperson for the family. “It wasn’t just one person that would attack him and bully him, taking his money.” read more

WATCH: Tucker Carlson Says “Racial Arsonist” Obama is Attempting to Divide America by Releasing Statement on Mass Shooting

Mass shootings have sadly become a part of everyday life. They certainly were when Barack Obama was in office. And since Obama has been out of office, shootings have continued at a rapid pace.

And with another shooting happening Monday, Obama felt the need to weigh in on the situation. And doing so, Tucker Carlson says, it an attempt by Obama to divide the country. read more