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Barack Obama: We’re Still Waiting for ‘A Coherent National Plan’ on Coronavirus

Barack Obama has subtly criticized President Donald Trump about his Coronavirus response yet again. The former president said there was no plan to deal with the crisis. Obama shared a New Yorker article on Twitter about Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker’s reaction to the virus. Baker has gone on the “offensive” and he’s also a Republican. “While we…


Paul Ryan: A One-Man Fiscal Cliff?

Does Romney’s choice of Paul Ryan as his running mate signal his campaign is tacking to the right again, or is Ryan tacking left? It seems the first casualty will be Ryan’s near-universally reviled budget plan, but can Mitt really defang Ryan and get him ready for primetime?

A Liberal’s View of the Republican National Convention: Day 3

ImageI got home a little late tonight and got in just as Carly Fiorina, former CEO of Hewlett Packard, is speaking. I’ll leave her “comments” alone as I didn’t see all of it. I’ll start tonight’s “running diary” of the GOP convention with the first speaker I had the opportunity to fully observe.

8:08pm—Mitt Romney’s on stage. Wait, what? Romney’s on stage? Who decided to let him out of the Christian fundamentalist doghouse?

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