Creepy Matt Gaetz Talks About Giving Nancy Pelosi A Sponge Bath

Matt Gaetz talks about giving Nancy Pelosi a sponge bath

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) took his creepiness to a new place as he talked about giving Nancy Pelosi a sponge bath.

Video of Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene:

After Greene says Adam Schiff is her least favorite Member of Congress, Gaetz says: “I would rather give Nancy Pelosi a sponge bath than endure one dinner with Adam Schiff .. I would trim her toenails with my teeth before I would have dinner with Adam Kinzinger, er Adam Schiff.” read more

Irony: Matt Gaetz, Under Investigation for Exploitation of Young Girl, Wants Britney Spears to Testify Before Congress About Abusive Conservatorship

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In an ironic twist, Representative Matt Gaetz (R-Flo.), who is currently under federal investigation for having a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old girl in 2019 and whether he may have violated federal sex trafficking laws by paying her to travel with him across state lines, announced that he would like pop star Britney Spears to testify before Congress about her experience under the abusive conservatorship led by her father that has robbed her of her agency and ability to control her own finances for the last 13 years.

Gaetz appeared to laud Spears for sharing her story publicly for the first time following years of speculation from her fanbase that she is being kept from living a full life under the conservatorship despite being lucid, functional, and able to perform. Spears’s remarks were an official confirmation from the star herself that she is being abused.

“Britney Spears wants to tell her story to the world,” Gaetz said. “She wants to use the experiences that have happened to her to cause broader change, and I think we ought to give her that opportunity in the United States Congress.”

Britney Spears wants to tell her story to the world.

She wants to use the experiences that have happened to her to cause broader change, and I think we ought to give her that opportunity in the United States Congress. #FreeBritney read more

Nicolle Wallace: GOP Lawmakers Rely on the Fact That Their Voters Are “Too Dumb to Google Them” [Video]

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The Trump White House never felt the need to tell their voters the truth. Kellyanne Conway perfectly represented this ideal when speaking about Sean Spicer. Trump’s first press secretary never lied to the American people, she claimed, he just offered “alternative facts.”

And alternative facts have become the norm in the Conservative world. The latest push from Fox and the GOP is the critical race theory argument. When Matt Gaetz tried to use this talking point on Wednesday, though, he was expertly taken down by Joint Chief Chairman Mark Milley.

Nicolle Wallace and Tim Miller discussed the moment during Wednesday’s Deadline White House. Miller remarked, “It wasn’t just that brat, Matt Gaetz, it also was Dan Crenshaw (R-NC) and Tom Cotton (R-AR) had started this effort where they are asking for whistleblowers inside the military to report to them, not to their commander, but to these members of congress if they see any instances of ‘wokism’ in the military among their commanders or people at the Pentagon. I just think that that is an astonishing and horrific undermining of Gen. Milley, undermining of our military.”

Nicolle Wallace says that GOP lawmakers like Josh Hawley rely on their voters being too dumb to Google them.

— PoliticusUSA (@politicususa) June 23, 2021 read more

Whistleblowing Florida Scientist Rebekah Jones to Run Against Matt Gaetz

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Ron DeSantis has spent much of the last year bragging about how the state of Florida has combated the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the fact that the state is in the top 5 in the nation in cases and deaths, the Governor has regularly touted his leadership.

Rebekah Jones is a scientist who formerly worked for the Florida Department of Health. She claims that she was fired for her claims that DeSantis had been hiding the state’s real COVID data. And after the governor recently celebrated her temporary suspension from Twitter, Jones announced that she would be challenging Matt Gaetz for his congressional seat.

A spokesperson for the governor released a statement yesterday that read in part, “The decision (to suspend Jones) was long overdue. Rebekah Jones is the Typhoid Mary of COVID-19 disinformation and has harmed many hardworking DOH employees with her defamatory conspiracy.

Jones responded to the message via her Instagram account. She wrote, “Didn’t want to announce it this way, but since DeSantis is now taking credit for getting me suspended for sharing an article that proves he’s a sociopathic liar, it looks like I have to say it this way. I’m running for Matt Gaetz’ seat next year. No more sex traffickers in congress!”

Two weeks ago, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed his pet bill against Big Tech censorship.

Yesterday, he celebrated when whistleblower Rebekah Jones got banned from Twitter.

Now, she's coming for @mattgaetz's seat in Congress to force DeSantis to defend her account.

IRONIC. read more

Report: Matt Gaetz Begged Newsmax For a Job But the Conservative Network Turned Him Down

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Back in late March, Axios published a story about Matt Gaetz retiring from congress and working in Conservative media. The story seemed odd at the time. The Florida Rep. was seemingly on the rise in the party.

Gaetz had connected himself tightly to Donald Trump. He went as far as threatening Michael Cohen the day before the Trump lawyer was set to testify in front of congress. He later apologized to Speaker Pelosi for his actions.

The Florida Rep. has also been given high profile assignments within the party. He was one of the main speakers this year at the Conservative CPAC story.

But just a day after the Axios story, it became clear why Gaetz was in a hurry to leave the House of Representatives. The New York Times reported that the GOP lawmaker was under investigation for sex trafficking.

This week, Reuters published a report that gave more insight into Gaetz’s plea to the Conservative network. Newsmax spokesperson, Brian Peterson, told the news outlet, “

Newsmax has had no plans to hire Rep. Gaetz.” read more

Kinzinger Criticizes Gaetz: “This is Why We Need a January 6 Commission”

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Representative Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) did not mince words on the subject of Representative Matt Gaetz, who sparked significant controversy after he gave a speech urging Americans to use their Second Amendment rights.

“Four months after an insurrection at the Capitol, we’re hearing this language at another rally where so-called ‘leaders’ are stoking fears & anger and inciting violence,” Kinzinger tweeted in response to a clip of Gaetz’s speech in Georgia during a stop on his “America First” tour.

This is why we need a January 6 commission. Four months after an insurrection at the Capitol, we’re hearing this language at another rally where so-called “leaders” are stoking fears & anger and inciting violence. read more